U.S. Wildfires Live Updates: Dixie Fire Burned 'Well Over' 100 Homes in Greenville, California

Live Updates

There are 107 wildfires currently active nationally that have burned over 2 million acres of land in 14 states.

California is seeing some of the most devastating fires in the state's history.

The Dixie Fire is the third-largest fire ever to burn in California. As of Friday, it has burned over 432,800 acres and is only 35 percent contained, according to Cal Fire.

The historic town of Greenville in Plumas County was leveled by the fire.

"It's just completely devastating. We've lost our home, my business, our whole downtown area is gone," resident Eva Gorman told the Associated Press.

Plumas County Sheriff Tod Johns said that "well over 100 homes" in and around Greenville were destroyed this week.

In other parts of the state, the River, House and McFarland Fires continue to rage grow, taking advantage of the dry, hot temperatures and breezy winds.

Fire officials are urging residents to take evacuation orders seriously.

"When the sheriff of the county says it's time to evacuate, we cannot hesitate," California Office of Emergency Services Chief of law enforcement Mark Pazin said Thursday.


Dixie Fire Greenville
A fire-damaged street sign marks Main Street in a decimated downtown Greenville, California during the Dixie fire on August 5, 2021. The largest wildfire in California has razed a small town, warping street lights and destroying historic buildings hours after residents were ordered to flee. Greenville, an Indian Valley settlement of a few hundred people dating back to the mid-1800s Gold Rush, was engulfed by flames as winds whipped the inferno towards the community, turning the sky orange. JOSH EDELSON/AFP via Getty Images

Jack Fire in Oregon determined to be caused by humans

Officials determined that the Jack Fire in Oregon was human-caused.

As of Friday, the fire had grown to 23,644 acres, according to a report released by Brian Gales, incident commanders, and Larry Nickey, deputy incident commander.

The containment percentage dropped to 54, as several lightning-caused fires started outside of the previously built containment lines.

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Utah currently has the worst air quality on the planet, thanks to out of state wildfires

Salt Lake City, Utah currently has the worst air quality on the planet, according to IQAir, a website that monitors pollution levels around the world.

A thick haze of smoke from the wildfire in California and Oregon moved over parts of northern Utah Friday.

Thick smoke from upstream fires in northern California will remain across N Utah through the day today. Expect conditions to begin improving tonight as the winds becomes more northerly. The two images below are smoke forecasts for 3pm (2100 UTC) and 1am tonight (0700 UTC). #utwx pic.twitter.com/ZYnexciQnr

— NWS Salt Lake City (@NWSSaltLakeCity) August 6, 2021

The smoke will cause low visibility and unhealthy air quality that could lead to adverse health effects like sore throat, cough, burning eyes and shortness of breath, the National Weather Service station in Salt Lake City said.

Some photos from the Triad Center in Salt Lake City where wildfire smoke from Western states and unhealthy ozone pollution are contributing to bad air quality in Utah.

(📸: @cwilliamsKSL) pic.twitter.com/XqKUWjzSKn

— KSL (@KSLcom) August 6, 2021

Severe drought and dry conditions led to massive wildfires in Oregon

A severe drought has plagued Oregon, as experts note the driest spring in the Pacific Northwest since 1924.

Low rainfall means reservoirs are being drained to meet the higher-than-normal water demands due to server heat waves, creating extremely dry conditions, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association National Centers for Environmental Information (NOAA NCEI).

The drought reduces soil moisture, drying vegetation and increasing the risk of wildfires.

These conditions allowed for fires like the Bootleg Fire, the third-largest in Oregon's history, to ignite and spread rapidly across the states.

Pac NW Regional #Drought Update: 93.2% of the Pacific Northwest Drought Early Warning System (DEWS) region is in drought, with 55.1% experiencing Extreme (D3) or Exceptional (D4) Drought conditions as of July 29, 2021. https://t.co/hs7rCpQMsY #DroughtMonitor
1/4 pic.twitter.com/CceNVIIUlG

— NOAA NCEI Climate (@NOAANCEIclimate) August 6, 2021

Over 18,000 people evacuated in California

As of Friday morning, 18,303 people in California were evacuated due to the wildfires raging across the state.

That number was up 70 people from Thursday night, according to the California Office of Emergency Services.

🚨Friday, August 6 morning #evacuation update‼️ Total number of people evacuated now stands at 18,303 statewide,🆙70 from last night‼️ For real-time updates on #wildfire evacs, shelters, and road closures: https://t.co/thJD0A6GsB. @CaliforniaDSS @CAL_FIRE @CAgovernor @CalOES_Dir pic.twitter.com/c1iDYZN8cw

— Cal OES (@Cal_OES) August 6, 2021

107 fires have burned over 2 million acres across the U.S.

There are currently 107 large fires burning across the country. In total, 2,083,667 acres have been burned, according to the National Interagency Fire Center.

Eleven new fires started yesterday in Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Washington, Montana and Wyoming.

#NationalFireNews Fire activity across US - 107 large fires have burned 2,083,667 acres. 11 new large fires reported yesterday, 3 in OR, 2 in AK, ID & WA, & 1 in MT & WY. Type 1 & 2 IMTs assigned to 33 large fires & complexes. >23,700 wildland ff & support staff.#FireYear2021 pic.twitter.com/fQOJdtHWYP

— National Interagency Fire Center (@NIFC_Fire) August 6, 2021

Bootleg Fire in Oregon is 87% contained

The Bootleg Fire in Oregon has grown to 413,765 acres and is 87 percent contained as of Friday morning, according to the Oregon Department of Forestry.

However, the Bootleg perimeter has seen no significant growth in eight days.

While thunderstorms and winds caused some activity in the burn area, Friday's weather will provide some respite.

Cooler temperatures and higher humidity overnight helped slow the fire progression as skies have cleared of some smoke, Oregon Forestry officials said.

McFarland and Monument Fires are expected to spread Friday

The McFarland Fire continued to grow Thursday evening and has now burned 26,598 acres with seven percent containment.

"Overall Fire behavior was moderate during today's burn period," U.S. Forest Service officials with the Shasta-Trinity National Forest said. "Forecasted stronger winds are just starting to impact the fire area and could increase the rates of spread."

Areas of both Shasta and Trinity County are under evacuation warnings.

Trinity County officials are also monitoring the growing Monument Fire.

According to the Shasta-Trinity National Forrest data, it has burned over 24,700 acres.

Local officials estimate the Monument Fire could reach Junction City by Friday afternoon.

Journalists shares images of destroyed home in the wake of the River Fire

As the River Fire passed through Colfax yesterday, it diminished family homes to burnt debris.

KXTV reporter Lena Howland shared images of the remains of one home before the evacuees were able to return.

"My heart sank as we approached," Howland wrote in a Twitter thread. "The home was gone, reduced to rubble."

This is the home that Scott and Becky Ishmael bought in Colfax in 2015. I met them at the evacuation line of the #RiverFire yesterday. They were desperate for answers, just wanting to know if their home on White Oak Drive made it through the night or not. @ABC10 (A thread) pic.twitter.com/ffxaa0C18F

— Lena Howland (@LenaHowland) August 6, 2021

"We are humans first and journalists second," she said. "My heart is with them as they navigate their way through this unimaginable time, now without a place to lay their heads at night."

Dixie Fire grows more than 70k acres overnight

Friday morning reports indicate the Dixie Fire grew more than 70,000 acres overnight.

According to KRCR, the Dixie Fire has increased to burn 432,815 acres. This would bump it up to the third-largest wildfire in California history.

Areas of Plumas and Butte Counties are still under evacuation advisories.

Dixie Fire Aftermath
A firefighter surveys a destroyed downtown during the Dixie fire in Greenville, California on August 5, 2021. The largest wildfire in California has razed a small town, warping street lights and destroying historic buildings hours after residents were ordered to flee. Greenville, an Indian Valley settlement of a few hundred people dating back to the mid-1800s Gold Rush, was engulfed by flames as winds whipped the inferno towards the community, turning the sky orange. JOSH EDELSON/AFP via Getty Images

The River Fire grows, 3 injuries reported

As of Thursday night, the River Fire has overtaken 2,600 acres in Nevada and Placer County and is now 15 percent contained.

"Firefighters took advantage of the cooler temperatures today and made good progress on building containment lines around the fire," Cal Fire said.

However, officials believe the fire could increase Friday due to the forecasted rise in temperatures and gusty winds.

Over 75 structures have been destroyed and 20 were damaged. There are two reports of civilian injuries and one report of a firefighter injury.

#RiverFire off Milk Ranch Road and Bear River Campground Road, north of Applegate in Placer and Nevada County is 2600 acres and 15% contained. @CALFIRENEU
Evacuation information: https://t.co/c5ILkhArqT pic.twitter.com/8Y7Q9Ou6a2

— CAL FIRE (@CAL_FIRE) August 6, 2021

There is a 151% increase in acres burned this year compared to the same time in 2020

Compared to this time last year, there has been a 151 percent increase in acres burned by wildfires in California.

According to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (Cal Fire), 656,177 acres have been burned this year, compared to 260,399 during that same time in 2020.

Compared to this same time last year, we have seen an astounding 151% increase in acres burned across California and it is only August! Now is the time prepare you and your family by having your go bag ready. Learn what by visiting https://t.co/M15yLZz5Y7 pic.twitter.com/26TrLdrESm

— CAL FIRE (@CAL_FIRE) August 5, 2021