Utah Billionaire Pledges To Give Away 90 Percent of His Fortune To Help Others

A billionaire from Utah has pledged to give away nearly all his money in order to help people.

Jeff T. Green, who is a titan in the advertising technology world, revealed on Tuesday November 16 that he had signed The Giving Pledge.

The pledge, which has been signed by hundreds of billionaires, was created by Warren Buffet, as well as Bill and Melinda Gates.

Announcing the news, Green, who is a graduate of Brigham Young University but now lives in Thousand Oaks, California, wrote: "I will give away the vast majority of my wealth through data-driven philanthropy before or at my death.

"My target is more than 90 percent of my wealth. But I will also give of my time, my most precious commodity, to allocate those funds deliberately, and to be personally engaged."

According to Forbes, Green has an estimated wealth of $6 billion and is currently the 253rd richest man in the world.

The CEO, chairman and founder of The Trade Desk announced in his letter outlining his commitment that he had grown up with money troubles.

He explained: "Like many people, I grew up worrying about money. At a young age I remember waiting in line with my mother for government food distributions.

"Until well into adulthood, I constantly worried about having enough money to make ends meet. But it was never really about the money itself. It was always about what money can do."

The 44-year-old went on to add that while money cannot buy happiness it "can empower us to change almost anything" if used by the right people at the correct time.

Green explained he will invest in businesses, communities and individuals, through the charitable section of his family foundation called Dataphilanthropy, using both time and money to enable success.

He wrote: "My philanthropy is not about politics or handouts—it is about getting the best outcomes for all the potential talent, which can only benefit our nation, and humankind. It will help people step up to opportunity, not lay back."

The businessman also outlined his dream of making education more accessible to everyone, explaining: "Education provides all of us with more opportunity, and educated citizens are essential to a functioning, successful society.

"In some ways, in most of the western world, I think we've lost sight of the foundational role that education plays in creating opportunity, and improving the odds, for everyone."

Jeff T. Green
Billionaire Jeff T. Green has pledged to give away 90 percent of his fortune before or at his death. The Trade Desk