Valyrian to Klingon: Study Shows Top Fictional Languages Fans Want to Learn

From Valyrian to Klingon, a recent study has unveiled the top fictional languages that fans want to learn.

Online entertainment experts from analyzed global Google search data in a recent bid to reveal the top 10 fictional languages that fans are eager to master. The experts used the names of the languages and paired it with "language" to avoid alternative searches.

Here's what they discovered:

10. Huttese

Huttese is the language from the Star Wars universe and has 3,600 annual Google searches.

9. Parseltongue (tied with No. 8)

Parseltongue is the language spoken in Harry Potter and has 4,200 annual Google searches.

8. Sindarin

Sindarin is one of the languages spoken in The Lord of the Rings films and has 4,200 Google searches.

7. Vulcan

Vulcan is one of the languages spoken in the Star Trek series and has 10,800 annual Google searches.

6. Kryptonian

Spoken in the Superman universe within DC Comics, learning how to speak Kryptonian has 13,200 annual Google searches.

5. Minionese

Spoken by the Minions in the Despicable Me universe, the annual Google search for this language is 15,600.

4. Valyrian

Ten fictional language fans want to learn
Pictured above, Daemon Targaryen (Matt Smith) and Rhaenyra Targaryen (Emma D'Arcy) in HBO's "House of the Dragon." Based on a study conducted by, it unveiled the top 10 fictional languages that fans want to learn. Ollie Upton / HBO

Valyrian is spoken by the Targaryen family in the Game of Thrones universe. This language has 33,600 annual Google searches.

However, with the rising popularity of the Game of Thrones spinoff series, House of the Dragon, Google searches for learning the Valyrian language have increased by 539 percent.

Fans can head to Duolingo to learn Valyrian.

3. Dothraki

Dothraki is another language spoken in the Game of Thrones universe and has 63,600 annual Google searches.

2. Elvish

Elvish is another language spoken in The Lord of the Rings universe and has 132,000 annual Google searches.

In anticipation of the Lord of the Rings spinoff series, The Rings of Power, the searches for Elvish increased 66 percent.

1. Klingon

With over 228,000 annual Google searches for "Klingon language," another Star Trek language, Klingon is the fictional language fans want to learn the most.

Fans can head to Duolingo to also learn Klingon.

"Creating a fictional language can be a time-consuming endeavor; the process can be quite complex and requires a lot of thought," Dennis Relojo, managing director of the psychology website Psychreg, told Newsweek.

"Not all of these fictional languages require years of study; there are now many online resources such as forums and blogs that give tips on how to start off creating a fictional language."

Relojo, who is also a doctoral researcher in clinical psychology at the University of Edinburgh, explained that people's brains are feeling at their best when they are engaged in different languages. Learning a new language is good for one's mental health, as it can help with concentration, motivation and confidence.

"Essentially, learning a fictional language offers another way to connect with the fantasy world. It can help people feel closer to the characters. It can teach them more about the culture and customs within those worlds. At a time when most of us felt disconnected, fictional languages offered a way to connect with new worlds and people," he added.