Vegetarian Wedding Guest Served Cold Mushroom, Sparks Online Discussion

A wedding is one of the most important days in any married person's life, but for the guests it's all about the free food.

Okay, that isn't strictly true, but overindulging in a room full of merry people is one of the clear benefits of attending such an event.

However, on a rare occasion we can feel let down by the edible offerings that come after the ceremony, and one vegetarian woman recently took to Mumsnet to air her disappointment at the meat-free option at an expensive wedding.

Writing on the forum-led website on September 6, a poster by the account name Higgeldypiggeldy35, shared her experience by starting a thread, which already has 590 posts, called: "What's the worst meal you've been served at a wedding?"

She then went on to explain that due to being vegetarian she has had her "fair share of sh***y wedding meals," but stated that her recent experience "takes the biscuit."

She then revealed that is was a "fancy wedding, very expensive and exclusive venue" where her disappointing meal took place.

"Meat eaters had a feast and it looked amazing, I was served......a grilled mushroom, and it was cold."

The women then asked the website users: "So, make me feel better, what's the worst meal you've been served?"

Others then took to sharing their experience with vegetarian offerings at such events, including Marcipex who wrote: "A big fat nothing - pyramids of Cornish pasties and nothing else at all. All the pasties were beef, with no veggie option."

AnneLovesGilbert typed: "I'm also veggie. Went to a madly OTT do at a stately home the couple were still paying off when the divorce went through, I was served sloppy vegetable lasagne that had probably been in the freezer for a decade with a piece grease proof paper half way through."

Anystarinthesky described her most unenjoyable veggie main, which was: "Mushroom risotto with no mushrooms, just blobs of rice floating in veggie stock."

SomethingElf revealed how she had found one wedding to be too cheesy, exclaiming: "I'm veggie. This was a death-by-cheese wedding menu. Starter: goats cheese & rocket thing. Main: cheese based main (think fancy lasagne). Dessert: cheese cake. Afters: cheese board."

lannistunut lamented that she had been to a wedding which had a "bl**dy hog roast, with no vegetarian option at all."

Ghislaine stated: "The wedding meal was fish pie. That was it. I am intolerant to fish so asked for the veggie option. I was brought a plate of runner beans."

Stylishmummy wrote that "the worst was mouldy bread rolls and some weird lentil soup envy this is from 1pm to 11pm."

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A file photo of a wedding table set-up. On Mumsnet a woman explained her lackluster vegetarian meal at a wedding. Getty Images