'Adorable Doggo' Wagging Tail Whenever Owner Makes Eye Contact Is Pure Joy

You may not have Lassie as a pet, but on a daily basis it can feel like our animal companions are trying to tell us something, whether it's your dog howling by the door or your cat glaring at you. Perhaps that's why a video from one Reddit user went viral, after they captured a particularly familiar behavior exhibited by their dog.

The video, titled "When I make eye contact my dog wags his tails and stops when I look away" and uploaded by u/SkepticDrinker, has attracted over 33,000 upvotes and over 200 comments in the r/aww subreddit.

The 19-second clip shows a cheeky-looking golden retriever lying almost motionless on a bed. The adorable dog is looking directly at the camera. Every now and then the dog begins wagging his tail with real fervor, presumably in response to the user making eye contact with the dog.

Who knows what was going on in the dog's mind? What we do know is the internet was suitably delighted.

In a wry observation, u/ImperialSupplies commented "Dog brain: YAy! ..awe..YAy!..awe"

U/ApprehensiveDeer9800 was among the numerous Reddit users feeling elated after viewing the video, writing "Really makes me smile every time he wags his tail. He's an adorable doggo indeed!"

Some commenters responded with a slightly deeper analysis. For example, u/photenth opined: "he has no reason to wiggle his tail when no one is watching. It's a way to communicate and if no one is 'listening', there is no reason to 'talk'."

Similarly, u/Stummi commented, "Isn't that more like the dog equivalent of smiling? I mean it's a way to communicate, yes, but I also do smile about stuff I like when I am alone."

Those two users may not be far off from the truth, if a study published in 2018 in the journal Animal Communication is anything to go by. According to the research, dogs wag their tails loosely, from side to side when they're trying to communicate "friendliness or their excitability."

The tail's position is also important in deciphering behavior, the researchers write: If the tail is held high, the dog likely feels more confident; a tail wagging quite low to the ground, on the other hand, is "generally associated with anxiousness, nervousness, or internal conflict."

In the case of u/SkepticDrinker's video, that may mean that the dog is simply more excited whenever his human looks over at him.

Whatever the case, u/Ratathosk could be correct with their comment: "Tbf that's a dogs entire day."

And u/Embarrassed_Tea_1707 wrote what we were all thinking: "This just warms my heart, my dog does the same thing."

Newsweek asked u/SkepticDrinker for comment.

A terrier wags its tail.
A terrier wags its tail, which research shows may be a sign of friendliness or excitement. Charlotte Amelia Poe/Charlotte Amelia Poe/Getty