Video of Baby Snuggled Next to Puppy Fast Asleep Has Everyone Saying 'Aww'

Adorable footage of a newborn baby fast asleep next to his snoozing puppy companion has captured the hearts of millions on social media.

In a video posted to the TikTok account fordandpalmer, the young child can be seen swaddled up with their eyes closed alongside his pint-sized canine friend.

"We finally got eight hours of sleep," the caption reads. "It only took two days to get but whatever."

Essential viewing for new parents and dog lovers alike, the video has already racked up more than 6.7 million views on social media and can be viewed here.

A loving reminder of the trials and tribulations associated with newborns, the clip also serves as a fond recollection for many of those adorable early days as a dog owner looking after a young pup.

For many, the video also showcased the strong bonds often built between children and their pets even at this early age and the value in having dogs and other animals in the family home.

As much as anything, the clip offered some much-needed respite from the outside stresses of the world with many taking to the comments section to simply write "aww."

Some, like Chelsea Tapia, were in awe of the poster for juggling the demands of a young child and a new pet so brilliantly. "You have a newborn and a puppy," she extolled. "Bless your soul and your energy." Irene concurred with that sentiment, writing "Girl idk how u handle a baby and a puppy at the same time, the energy."

K I Y A H, meanwhile declared the super cute duo "lifelong best friends" after watching the video. C agreed, writing "they are going to be best friends growing up together."

Others, like Gabby, were simply entranced by what they saw. "How many times did I watch this? No one will ever know," she joked. "I've watched this so many times," Candace Rebecca wrote. "I just can't with all the cuteness."


We finally got 8 hours of sleep……. It only took 2 days to get but whatever! #teamnosleep #puppiesoftiktok #sleepingbeauty #babiesoftiktok

♬ In My Mind - Lyn Lapid

The clip left even some feeling a little broody. "I got pregnant by watching this," quipped Brittany McBee while Stacey admitted "My ovaries weren't ready"

While others were simply left feeling emotional. "This is perfect and I'm in tears," Anna Howell declared while Taryn Martin described it as "the cutest thing I've ever seen."

"Oh my God they are the same size, I'm crying," added Leslie Mergist.

One of a series of videos featuring the baby and puppy combo, it would appear that the account is dedicated to their life together with Ford and Palmer evidently a reference to their names.

Newsweek has contacted the TikToker for comment on the cute clip.

Puppies and babies alike remain a constant source of adoration.

Recent social media highlights have included this heartwarming video showing a young baby being given glasses so they can see properly for the first time.

In another heartwarming viral post, an abandoned kitten was taken in by a dog and her puppies after being found out in the wilderness. She quickly became a firm part of the family too.

A baby and a puppy fast asleep.
Stock photo of a baby and puppy - A video of a young child fast asleep next to a puppy dog has been melting hearts on social media. HannamariaH/Getty

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