Video Captures Escaped Zebras Darting Across Highway After Leading Cops on 2-Hour Chase

Two zebras were spotted scampering across a road after they escaped from a zoo in Pingree Grove, Illinois Sunday afternoon. A video taken by Carrie Shriver and posted to the TikTok account jacquelynmarieh showed the pair running into a large field.

"They look like zebras," said one person in the car as they drove by. "They have stripes."

Shriver gasped, before agreeing with him.

"Oh my god, they are zebras," she said, as the camera panned over to watch the zebras.


Local Pumpkin Patch has some escapees! Goebberts, come get your zebras! 🤣🦓😱 Pingree Grove, IL📍#zebras #barstoolsports #joeexotic

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Shriver told Newsweek that her husband Jason called the Huntley Police Department at 5:21 p.m. and he was transferred to speak with the Kane County Sheriff's Office.

After hanging up with the police, the two waited until someone arrived. Shriver said they saw a truck driving by slowly as they passed them and she had a feeling they were looking for the zebras. They pointed them in the direction of the field and the truck drove off looking for the animals.

"It was definitely a beautiful sight to see them running free but a very sad realization that they don't belong in Illinois or in captivity," Shriver told Newsweek.

The Daily Herald reported that the pair of zebras escaped from a zoo at Goebbert's Pumpkin Patch and Apple Orchard. According to Jacob Goebbert, an employee of the farm, the zebras managed to sneak out of the rear doors of the building, which are typically locked.

Goebbert told Newsweek that it was surprising they managed to escape because there are several tall fences around the exhibit and the zoo.

After customers noticed the zebras were loose, they notified employees and the search was on. Wrangling them took about two hours and required the help of several agencies.

"It was pretty exciting for a while," Goebbert told The Daily Herald. "It was all hands on deck."

Escaped Zebras
Two escaped zebras were caught after a two-hour chase in Illinois. A zebra pictured at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. TONY KARUMBA/Getty Images

He told Newsweek that the animals are owned by an outsourced zoo that brings animals to the farm's property from September until the end of October. The animals stay in permanent structures built on the farm's property, but when they leave, the space is used for storage.

Deputies from the Kane County Sheriff's Office searched along a state highway for the zebras in the roadway.

In addition to officials from the Kate County Sheriff's Office, the Illinois State Police also responded because the chase was near Interstate 90, the longest Interstate Highway in the United States, as well as the Pingree Grove Police Department.

"We're used to [loose] cows, horses, all kinds of livestock," Chief deputy of Kane County Sheriff's Office Patrick Gengler told The Daily Herald. However, this was the first time the agency had to wrangle zebras. "How do we catch zebras? They didn't teach us at the [police] academy."

During the search, the zebras crossed the state highway several times and walked through multiple farm fields. Police blocked traffic several times in the area to avoid any potential accidents.

Eventually, Goebbert and employees of the zoo tracked the animals on ATVs until they caught them. No animals or humans were injured. He told Newsweek that they are currently investigating how the zebras managed to escape in the first place, but they've made adjustments to ensure they cannot escape again.

Goebbert also told Newsweek that the zoo opened in the 1990s, and this is the first time, to his knowledge, that an animal escaped.

"We were all on edge because it was a new experience," he said. "I'm grateful for all the help from the police departments in aiding with traffic and keeping people safe."

In May, Newsweek reported on a "mad" zebra on the loose in Cookeville, Tennessee.

According to Fox 17, a local elementary school posted a warning on Facebook that stated a zebra escaped a truck, was tased and "is mad."

A teacher for the elementary school saw the zebra running along the road and in a patch of grass. It was ultimately recaptured since its escape.