Video of Cockroach Crawling Over TikToker's Face Leaves Internet Horrified

Ever wondered what it would look like if cockroach filter on TikTok became real? In a now-viral TikTok by @aaron.menezes, one user found out exactly that the hard way and it's safe to say the internet has been left with some serious heebie-jeebies.

TikToker Aaron Menezes starts off the innocent video in an innocuous way, panning the camera towards himself and a friend while making silly expressions. Holding the camera close to their faces, Menezes does a little dance when, suddenly, something brown falls from the ceiling and plops onto his forehead.

Unfortunately for him, it wasn't a filter this time.

Instead, it was a live cockroach who decided to bomb the video and earn a little fame. The creature can then be seen scurrying down and across Menezes' face, crawling over his cheeks and nose before disappearing into his hairline.

Menezes appears to be in shock for the initial few seconds of the bug's journey, staring into the camera before finally shaking his head to brush its many legs off. "Oh my god," he mutters.

Instead of screaming and potentially running as many people would have, he opens his mouth in apparent shock as his friend begins laughing beside him.

"That scared me!" Menezes says, now laughing along.

"I thought that was your hair! I was like what!" he tells his friend, seemingly unfazed by the fact that a huge creepy crawly had just taken a light jog across his face.

The video has received millions of views and thousands of comments, most of them expressing shock at just how calm Menezes remained throughout the clip.

"I feel like you way under reacted," a user commented in all capitals, a sentiment many commentators agreed with.

"How are you so calm? I'd be on the other side of the backyard, hammock upside down, crying on the ground," another user asked.

Others asked if this was somehow a normal occurrence for him, considering the nonchalant vibe of the entire video and both people involved.

Though Menezes doesn't seem to mind, it's safe to say many people prefer to avoid interacting with roaches if they can help it. Earlier this week, a Taiwanese restaurant was subjected to a cockroach-based attack when criminals released hundreds of the insects into the establishment's dining area.

Meanwhile, Menezes plans on doing a follow-up on the now-viral event, as shared on his Instagram page.

Cockroach Crawling over Face in  Viral TikTok
Screen captured from Aaron Menezes's TikTok Video with the cockroach on his nose (left) and his reaction seconds later it crawled away (right) Aaron Menezes/aaron.menezes TikTok