Incredible Video Shows Farmer Rescuing Sheep From Deep Snow After Storm

Footage of a sheep being rescued from underneath a huge pile of snow has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on social media this week after the U.K. was hit by a winter storm.

The video was posted to Twitter by Herdwicks of Highfields Farm, located in the English town of Onecote.

The country has been struck by Storm Arwen in recent days, which brought high winds and heavy snowfall that disrupted travel and cut power to tens of thousands of homes, according to Sky News.

At Highfields Farm, the snow caused a lot of problems for its owner Nev Barker on Saturday. That morning, he awoke to find that heavy snow had blanketed his land, leaving the whereabouts of his 50 sheep unknown, he told the BBC.

Thankfully the majority of the sheep had made their own way back to the farm and out of the harsh weather, but some had to be dug out over the course of the weekend.

In the video, seen here, one of the sheep can be seen being recovered from underneath a huge snowbank. It shows how the farmer had to crawl on his hands and knees to dig a hole in a huge bank of snow—all while even more snow is falling. At the end of the clip, the sheep manages to emerge.

The farm chronicled the rescue efforts in a series of tweets. One reads: "We started searching in the drift in front of the barn entrance. You can see how difficult the conditions were and how deep the sheep had become buried. Such a whirlwind of emotions, you have to dig deep literally and stay strong."

In the end, the farm said that all of the flock were accounted for and were put back in their barn.

"Thank you all for your wonderful messages of support over the past few days," it tweeted on Monday. "The response has been quite overwhelming."

It's not the only trouble that Storm Arwen has caused. On Friday, more than 60 people were enjoying themselves at the Tan Hill pub in Swaledale, northern England—said to be the highest inn in the U.K.—but ended up having to stay for three days after they were snowed in due to blocked roads and a downed power line.

Co-owner Andrew Hields told CNN over the weekend that the guests were in "good spirits" and that the pub had been stocked up with fuel, food, and drink. They were finally able to leave on Monday after a snow plough was able to clear and grit the roads.

Also over the weekend, a Kemp's ridley sea turtle, normally found in the Gulf of Mexico, was found washed up on a U.K. beach amid the storm. It was taken in by local vets.

Sheep in snowy field
A stock photo shows some sheep standing in a snowy field in Lancashire, United Kingdom. Storm Arwen brought snow and wind that has disrupted the U.K. recently. Wendy Love/Getty