Video of Fluffy Cat Ice Skating Seen 15m Times: 'Magical Snow Kitty'

An ice-skating cat has taken the internet by storm after a clip of the moggy gliding over a frozen fjord went viral.

It's common knowledge that cats traditionally hate water, but it seems Yeezy the feline has no problem with the stuff, as long as it's frozen solid.

The cat's owner, JP, shared a clip to his TikTok page, @laboonthewhale, showing his furry friend demonstrating his impressive skating skills.

The video, shared earlier this month, has racked up an impressive 15 million views, and as JP captioned it: "Should we buy him some skates?"

JP, who's based in Norway, shared a clip of himself skating, as he wrote: "Nothing quite like a skate on a frozen Norwegian fjord!"

Numerous people remarked on the incredible sight, as Che Durena wrote: "This cat is in a whole new element."

While AngryGamerGirl69 thought: "That cat is living the life."

Edgar Haro declared: "Magical Snow Kitty."

Arbi Intissar claimed: "Literally the cutest thing I've seen today."

While Warrior Queen joked: "Now that's what I call a cool cat. That's too freakin cute!!!! Get that floof baby some skates!!!!!!!!"

And Randa R. added: "I never seen a cat so happy in cold nature before."

Although Roblox_gaming20091 wrote: "Buy him something so his paws don't get cold."

In response to numerous questions about Yeezy's paws on the cold ice, JP revealed he was a Neva Masquerade. The fluffy breed is also known as a Siberian cat, and is ideally suited for cold climates.

Website Neva Breeder explained: "The Siberian cat, or the Neva Masquerade, is not only a physically imposing cat, but also very resistant to harsh climates such as the Maine Coon and the Norwegian Forest Cat.

"Coming from Russia, more precisely from Siberia as its name implies, the Neva Masquerade is a relatively recent breed whose history goes back to 1925."

A few other TikTokers pointed this out, with Lor saying: "He's a Norwegian cat they're literally build for cold like huskies and other dogs stop ruining a 15 second video. He looks like he's having fun."

JP later confirmed in the comments Yeezy "loves being out!" And just last week he shared a clip of his pet casually walking through snow, as he captioned another video: "He loves a good stroll!"

The breed hasn't been in America for that long, as Neva Breeder noted: "The breed was introduced in Europe from the 80s and then, ten years later, it appeared in America. The standard of the breed was established in 1989."

Newsweek reached out to JP for comment.

File photo of cat on ice.
File photo of cat on ice. An owner shared a clip of their cat ice skating, which has been seen 15 million times. ManOnTheGo/Getty Images