Video: Fox Host Lou Dobbs Struggles to Pronounce Mexican Town Name During Segment About Migrant Caravan

Fox Business Network host Lou Dobbs really struggled to pronounce Huixtla, a town in southern Mexico, during a segment on his show talking about the location of the migrant caravan, producing instead a breathy mess of confused sounds that came out as "hwa-la-dah."

Twitter user TrillSmith posted a clip of Dobbs's unique pronunciation during Lou Dobbs Tonight on Tuesday and it was shared thousands of times. "The Mexican city of what???" he wrote, adding: "Man glitched up like his brain was on dial up internet lol."

TheJonTolbert wrote: "Man had a mini stroke."

The same clip was shown by Late Night's Seth Meyers on Wednesday. The comedian said Trump and his allies at Fox News had been "obsessively" tracking the progress of the migrant caravan from Honduras north through central America.

The Mexican city of what???

— Socialist, Distancing 🇲🇽 (@TrillSmith) October 25, 2018

"Although, as Fox Host Lou Dobbs demonstrated last night, they sometimes have difficulty pronouncing the locations," Meyers said.

After the clip was aired, Meyers said: "No, no, no—not even close, my man. That sounded like he had the world's shortest aneurysm. The worst part of that is the city he was trying to pronounce was Mexico City. I'd hate to see Lou Dobbs at a Taco Bell."

On Thursday morning, Dobbs tweeted then deleted a post claiming the pipe bombs sent to high-profile Democrats and liberals were "fake."

Explosive devices were sent in manilla envelopes to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, ex-President Barack Obama, former CIA director John Brennan via the CNN offices in New York City, former Attorney General Eric Holder, ex-Vice President Joe Biden, Rep. Maxine Waters, actor Robert DeNiro, and billionaire Democratic donor George Soros. The mail bombs were return addressed to Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

The FBI is investigating and fears more mail bombs could be out there. Investigators have so far made no statements on a potential suspect or motive.

"Fake News--Fake Bombs," Dobbs tweeted. "Who could possibly benefit by so much fakery?" He included the Trump campaign hashtags #AmericaFirst and #MAGA, as well as #Dobbs.

Later in the morning Thursday, Dobbs addressed the pipe bombs on Twitter again—before deleting the post.

"Fake News has just successfully changed the narrative from the onslaught of illegal immigrants and broken border security to 'suspicious packages': Let's get back to Left-Wing driven Caravans and the Dimms who encourage them!" Dobbs tweeted, with the same hashtags #MAGA #AmericaFirst #Dobbs.

Dobbs then tweeted: "Whether hoax or bombs, they were clearly designed to influence election. Why?"