Fascinating Video Showing How Deep Hair Grows on Cadaver Viewed 22M Times

A TikTok video from a human anatomy lab that shows in shocking detail just how deep human hair goes into the skin has gone viral.

The video, posted on October 8 by the Institute of Human Anatomy's (IOHA) official TikTok account, had gained more than 22 million views as of Thursday morning.

The TikTok account is well known for its graphic yet educational videos of how the human body works. The privately owned cadaver lab, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, has been uploading the videos for months, though it's careful about what it shows.

As the TikTok clip begins, an anatomist explains exactly what viewers are looking at.

"You're looking at the chin of one of our cadavers and as you can see, he had facial hair," they explain. They go on to demonstrate how the team made a cut in the cadaver's chin in order to access the layer beneath the skin.

Upon peeling the layer back, the anatomist shows that human hair actually penetrates down through the skin and into the layer of fat below it, known as the adipose tissue.

"All of those black dots there, those are hairs that are literally going to the depth of your adipose tissue," the anatomist says. "And this is true of the hair over your entire body which means that when you're waxing hair, you're literally pulling it from the depth of your adipose tissue."

The footage has shocked and intrigued TikTok viewers, many of whom took to the comment section to express their thoughts on seeing a cadaver.

"Oh cool, my breakfast is no longer in my stomach, thank you," wrote one.

Others were interested in the anatomical side of the clip. "The skin is much thinner than I expected!" wrote one. "That explains why it hurts so much when people wax," said another.

Huge Number of Followers

The TikTok account may not be for everyone, but it's incredibly popular nonetheless. The account has around 8 million followers and its videos have gained nearly 77 million likes over time.

Jeremy Jones, the IOHA's founder, has spoken out about the nature of the videos before. In an interview with Inverse, Jones said that the team is aware of striking the right tone in their videos.

"It is literally something that we consider every single time we put a camera on anything," he said. "You will never see any sort of disrespect or jokes or just posing with [a] cadaver."

The October 8 TikTok video proved popular, and it's not the first time one of the lab's clips has gained millions of views.

Another, also posted recently, showed how a woman's organs move around during pregnancy in order to clear space around the uterus.

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A stock image shows a man with a beard. A cadaver lab's TikTok account has gained a large number of followers due to its educational videos. Getty Images