Video Shows Brutal Hair-Pulling Brawl on Flight Over Space in Overhead Bins

We all know that snagging space in a plane's overhead bins can be a stressful endeavor. But in one video circulating online, a group of passengers are shown taking the issue to violent new extremes.

According to The Independent, the incident occurred on Tunisiair flight TU216 when an argument between passengers over space in the overhead bins reportedly escalated to a full-blown fight.

In a passenger-filmed clip of the brawl, the alleged instigators are seen standing in the plane's aisle, pushing and shouting at each other. Approximately four women seem to be at the center of the conflict.

Screams and shouts can be heard erupting throughout the cabin as the fight becomes more intense and several more passengers become involved. Flight crew members attempt to intervene, but soon find themselves in the middle of the ordeal. Crew members have since reported that they were physically attacked and insulted by passengers amidst the chaos.

Perhaps most disturbing is footage showing a man who appears to violently pull a woman's hair, causing her to fall backward. Immediately after, the man appears to punch the woman in the face. Several people, including someone who looks like a flight attendant, attempt to break up the conflict.

The Saturday flight, which was scheduled to fly from Istanbul to Tunis, was reportedly delayed by several hours but still managed to make its journey.

"This fight caused a delay of five hours and financial losses were suffered by the company," said a spokesperson for the airline. They also added that "an investigation has been opened" regarding the incident.

Airplanes appear to often be a hotbed for conflict, especially considering the high stakes of flying during the COVID-19 pandemic. Here in the U.S., reports of onboard conflict resulting from passengers refusing to comply with mask guidelines have become commonplace.

Earlier this month, an entire plane burst into applause when an anti-mask couple was removed from the flight after they refused to follow the airline's COVID-19 safety protocols.

In another recent example, a family was reportedly removed from a Spirit Airlines flight because their two-year-old daughter wasn't wearing a face covering. The airline, however, has since disputed this claim, saying it was actually the parents who were noncompliant.

Tunisair Plane
A viral video captured last week's brawl on a Tunisair flight. Thierry Monasse/Getty Images