Entire Plane Claps After Anti-Maskers Get Thrown off Flight

Despite it being over a year into the COVID-19 pandemic, still not everyone is on board with mask guidelines—literally speaking.

In a viral TikTok post, an anti-mask couple is removed from a flight for refusing to comply with the airline's safety protocols.

The video, posted by user @b_edler56 and discreetly filmed from a few rows back, shows the couple arguing with a flight attendant.

Since the footage starts mid-conflict, the context for the argument is unknown—but when the video starts, the woman is already heated.

"I did comply," she insists. "You're saying I didn't comply and put my mask on when you asked me to?"

At this point, it appears that the woman is in fact wearing a mask, but the video suggests that she did not initially comply with guidelines.

"You are a liar," she tells the flight attendant. "You are a liar, and you have to live with that."

Passengers in the cabin start speaking up. Several voices are heard shouting, "Bye!" while others yell, "Get off the plane!"

As the woman stands up from her seat, the sound of applause erupts on the plane. Some voices burst into whoops and cheers.

The woman, in response, points her middle finger at the passengers behind her before collecting her belongings and exiting the aircraft. The man she is accompanied by follows close behind.

Once they are out of view, a different flight attendant does a quick little dance, and the remaining passengers burst into laughter.

The video has gained traction on the app, having been viewed over 87,000 times in only three days.

As usual, the comments section is split. Many users agree with the crew's decision to remove the couple from the plane, and several note that, over a year into the pandemic, these types of mask guidelines are neither new nor unexpected.

"If you've lost a loved one, you get the anger over these sociopaths," wrote one commenter. "It's murder."

"I just don't get it," lamented another. "You know the rules when you buy a ticket."

Other commenters offered their support to the couple.

"The fact that we are kicking people off of planes for not wearing a mask is absolutely wild," reads one comment.

Another calls the scene "another bunch of sheep on a plane."

Despite some commenters' dismay at the ordeal, it's hardly the first time that passengers refusing to comply with mask guidelines have been removed from a flight. In September, a passenger was asked to exit a plane when her two-year-old son wouldn't keep his mask on. And just last month, an entire Frontier Airlines flight was canceled after a group of passengers refused to comply.

Plane Flying
Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, airlines have removed passengers for refusing to comply with safety protocols. Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

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