Video Shows Florida Boy Being Stalked by Shark: 'Like a Scene From a Movie'

The hair-raising moment a shark was spotted mere feet away from a young child has been caught on camera.

11-year-old Tanner Brasol was competing in a Gnarly Charley's Grom Surfing Series contest off the coast of Satellite Beach, Florida, on Saturday, when he had a close encounter with several of the predators.

An onlooker captured one of the sharks on camera. Charley Hajek, who organizes the series of contests, told Newsweek that it was a blacktip.

The shark can be seen lurking just below the water's surface as the sun illuminates a rising wave, with Brasol moving towards the shore on his surfboard a few feet in front of it.

The crest of the wave then lifts Brasol high above the water's surface, before breaking on the shore.

Initially, Brasol can be seen paddling calmly towards the water's edge, but he picks up pace when the onlookers spot the shark behind him and tension audibly rises.

"I teach kids to respect the ocean," Hajek told Newsweek via email. "They listened and came in when they saw a blacktip chasing after a pod of fish."

The video below contains some strong language.

"I was very scared. I was just like 'this is not good,'" Tanner told Click Orlando. "That shark he's not happy that I was in his bait. He thought I was competition for that bait."

According to the boy's mother, Kelly Brasol, the video shows the final moments of an incident involving at least two sharks.

"It was like a scene from a movie, almost like two submarines coming up and you see the dorsal fins and then the next thing you know it's like [splashing noise] all over right behind Tanner," she said.

"[The person filming] got the part where everything was finally a little bit of a relief. That's where the video that you see picks up where Tanner had just gotten out of the bait pod.

"What was still terrifying though is you could still see in the video one of the sharks was very interested in him and continued to follow him."

The person who uploaded the video, which is set to dramatic music, praised the boy's "cool and calm demeanor," and said that he set "an excellent example of how to handle yourself when interacting with sharks."

Brasol later returned to the water when it was deemed safe enough for the contest to continue, and scored the most points in his age group.

The waters off Florida are home to numerous shark species, including blacktips, bull sharks, lemon sharks, tiger sharks, great hammerheads, and reef sharks.

Incidents are rare, with a total of 57 unprovoked shark attacks confirmed worldwide in 2020 by the Florida Museum's International Shark Attack File. 16 of these took place off the coast of Florida, and 61 percent of total global attacks involved surfers.

A blacktip shark swimming in the sea
A stock image shows a blacktip shark, the type of shark involved in the incident captured in the video. cbpix/iStock