Video Shows Happy Pup Zooming Past Competition After Crashing Track Race

A track meet that took place Saturday at Utah's Logan High School had a brilliant and unexpected performer who outdid his competitors effortlessly.

In a video that has since gone viral, four track-runners can be seen approaching the finish line at the one-minute and forty-second mark. Suddenly, the audience erupts into cheers, but not for the teens finishing the race. The fanfare is actually in support of a last-minute entrant—a dog.

The video, shared by MileSplit, shows high school senior Gracie Laney leading the 200-meter relay when a new competitor decides to join the race, according to local outlet KSL.

The shaggy pup appears fast out of nowhere, pulling his still-attached leash behind him. He breaks into a full sprint, leaving behind one, two, and three runners, soon matching up to Laney's speed and passing her just inches before the finish line.

Almost crashing in Laney as she finishes, now in second place, the four-legged competitor receives huge applause from the crowd.

"At first, I thought it was another runner and I was surprised because we had a pretty good lead," Laney told KSL. "As it got closer, I thought, 'That's too small to be a person,' and then I noticed it was a dog."

Lacey kept running after noticing the dog in the next lane but the pup was apparently not competing to win. After crossing the finish line, he can be seen stopping to look back and jump excitedly at the other runners before dashing off camera.

"When the dog crossed in my lane, I was afraid that I was going to trip over it, and then I was worried that I was going to spike it with my spikes," she recalled. "It all happened so fast."

Along with the live audience, netizens too had a grand time watching this unusual race. "That dog deserves a D1 scholarship," one viewer commented. "Sheesh, that dog really ran an 11 second 100m," another said, calculating his speed.

"I wouldn't even get mad if I was the runner," commented another.

The dog's breed and name have not yet been discovered, but many dog owners can relate to the feeling of their pup getting away from them and going for a joy run. In 2020, a Kentucky dog won a different kind of race when he was was elected mayor of his town.

Dog participating in track
A member of the Spanish Kas-Kaskol team is briefly accompanied by a dog during the 7th Stage (Catania-Etna) of the 50th Giro d'Italia (Tour of Italy), May 1967. Keystone/Hulton Archive/gETTY