Video Shows Heroic Dog Rescue From Frozen Pond by Good Samaritans

A team of kind people pulled a dog from a frozen pond in Oklahoma recently, and footage of the rescue will warm your heart. A group of at least seven people rallied together to help the distressed dog, and it was all caught on video.

The clip, which was uploaded by local news station WCVB, starts with a scary moment. One person is seen in the water with the dog as they attempt to lift the large, golden-colored pooch onto solid ice. There's a struggle to lift the dog—it's not an instant rescue. It appears that the effort may have been happening before filming of the 52-second video began, since we can see that a group of people on the shore are already assisting.

As the camera scans the group of people on land, another man approaches the ice with a rope. He throws it far out into the pond, offering extra stability to the man in the water. Soon enough, though, the dog is standing on the ice and the man from the pond emerges, both looking a little chilly but seemingly unharmed from the cold temperatures.

Dog swimming
A dog swims in a pond during a stag-hunting, on November 3, 2012, in Amboise. ALAIN JOCARD/AFP via Getty Images/Getty

But what's really amazing about the video is the number of people watching and offering assistance. People that appear to be strangers gather at the pond to help the dog. A young woman in scrubs is seen, another woman who states that she "lives down the road" and can warm the dog up is featured, too. It's unclear who, exactly, is the dog's owner.

The man filming, Michael Ryan Wade, confirmed to another news station, KOCO, that he didn't know the dog owner or the man who jumped in to help. But he did praise the man. "What that man did was very brave and selfless," Wade said.

Wade applauds the water rescue in the video, too. "Good job, man," he says to the person who climbed in the pond to lift the dog up. "You okay?"

At the end of the clip, the dog, and all of the people involved, can be seen walking away from the pond. The canine even stops to try and shake off excess water.

Freezing temperatures around the country, as well as some extreme weather conditions, have necessitated a handful of animal rescues. A Texas woman saved a black lab from horrible winter storm conditions by offering the pup bits of tortillas. Conveniently, the woman had just bought them for dinner. In a video, which you can watch here, the woman coaxes the dog into her vehicle using the tortillas. She was celebrated by the Internet for possibly saving the dog's life in the freezing temperatures.