Video Shows Men Riding Motorcycle While Wrapped in Giant 440-Pound Python

Two men in Malaysia were seen carting around the most unlikely of passengers—a massive snake reportedly weighing 440 pounds—as captured in a video that is now circulating online.

According to The International Business Times, the men found the snake over the weekend at a rubber plantation in the town of Kuala Krai. Fearing the python might harm residents in the area, they decided to bring it to authorities.

Datuk Abdul Kadir Abu Hashim, the Director-General of the Department of Wildlife and National Parks of Peninsular Malaysia (PERHILITAN), spoke on the incident in a statement to World of Buzz: "They were worried that the large python could threaten the safety of the residents." At that point, he added,"the python was then caught and taken on the motorcycle to be handed over to PERHILITAN."

Finally, "the batik python was then handed over to PERHILITAN at 2 p.m. on Sunday, before being placed temporarily in a Kuala Krai PERHILITAN cage." Neither the humans nor the snake were reportedly harmed in the incident.

Now, only a few days later, a video of the enormous python mid-transit has gone viral. Though the clip's original source is unclear, it was posted to a community Facebook page Tuesday where it has received an outpouring of response.

In the 22-second clip, the two men are seen speeding through city streets on a motorcycle. The batik python is seen wrapped in massive coils around the driver's waist. As he drives, he flashes a peace sign to the camera and even goes hands-free for a brief moment. Meanwhile, the passenger behind him gives the snake a couple of friendly pats.

With tens of thousands of views on this post alone, the video has already garnered thousands of reactions and hundreds of comments.

While their massive size can be alarming, python sightings are not entirely uncommon. Last week, a Malaysian butcher was horrified to find an 11-foot python lurking under the table he was cleaning. The snake, most likely drawn to the area by the smell of raw meat being prepared by the butcher, appeared "coiled" and ready to pounce. Authorities called to the scene were able to safely subdue the reptile and remove it from the scene.

Additionally, last month, it was reported that a whopping 16-foot python unexpectedly visited a Singapore coffee shop. A clip of the snake, thought to perhaps be a reticulated python, was shared widely on Facebook and featured the snake slithering through the shop's bathroom.

Burmese Python
A Burmese python settling into its new home at the A.D. Barnes Park after being captured in a Florida backyard, 2005. ROBERT SULLIVAN/AFP/Getty Images