Video of Wedding Couple Falling Off Stage Dancing Watched 2.9M Times

A video of a wedding couple falling off a stage while dancing has been watched more than 2.9 million times on social media.

The couple made it a day to remember when they appeared hand in hand at the wedding party and made their way to the dance floor.

Cheered on by guests, the couple started their dance on the white tiles in the center of the marquee where they could be seen by all the seated guests.

But, just after they made their way to the small dance stage, the woman jumped on the man's back causing him to lose balance.

Within seconds, the man fell off the small stage and onto the ground - drawing gasps from the guests.

This did little to dampen the woman's enthusiasm, however, who was quickly back on her feet and started dancing again.

It took the man a little longer to get up, although it appeared he was just as enthusiastic to get back to dancing.

While it is unknown when the video was recorded, it did appear on the Instagram account @surprizhikayeler on September 10.

Since being uploaded, the clip has racked up 2.9 million views and has been liked more than 63,900 times.

It is not the first time a wedding video has found itself going viral after being shared on social media.

Last month, a groom's extravagant entrance was widely shared after being shared on TikTok by attentiveear and was captioned "Groomzilla."

In the clip, a soon-to-be-married man could be seen strutting down the aisle in a gold and dark blue tuxedo, wearing sunglasses, with a cigar in one hand and a glass of what appeared to be cognac in the other.

Loud music could also be heard as the groom made his way to the front in style and was clearly enjoying his moment in the spotlight.

The video was, however, captioned "how it started" suggesting there was a second side to the story.

And those who stuck with the video were rewarded with just that. The same video cut to the groom looking worse for wear and being helped out of a car and into a wheelchair with the caption "how it ended."

It went on to be shared more than 592,000 times across TikTok and Twitter.

But, the clip has proved divisive with some viewers saying the groom had simply enjoyed his day, while others said he behaved in a selfish way.

The video has gone viral
The video has gone viral since it was uploaded in February. @surprizhikayeler