Groom's Swaggering Wedding Entrance Divides the Internet

All eyes should be on the bride when it comes to a wedding. However, one groom has gone viral after attempting an extravagant entrance of his own—and not everyone who saw it was delighted.

In a video posted to TikTok by attentiveear and captioned "Groomzilla," a soon-to-be-married man can be seen strutting down the aisle in a gold and dark blue tuxedo, wearing sunglasses, with a cigar in one hand and a glass of what appears to be cognac in the other.

Loud music can be heard as he makes his way to the front in exuberant style, enjoying his moment in the spotlight as his guests watch and cheer.

"How it started," a caption accompanying this segment reads—before the video cuts to the same man, looking the worse for wear, being helped out of a car and into a wheelchair with the caption "How it ended."

The video, which can be watched here, was first posted on September 5 and has racked up 50,000 views on TikTok. On September 12, it was shared on Twitter, where it has since been watched more than 592,000 times.

The clip has proved divisive, with some viewers saying the groom is simply enjoying his big day while others have branded his actions selfish and juvenile.

"Drinking down the aisle and rolled into his honeymoon suite," wrote an unimpressed srburris on Twitter. "Throw the whole 'I'm On My Grown Man Tip, While Acting Like Fratboy' away."

A user called _MsJones1_ was in agreement: "I would be so upset if my husband got THAT drunk on our wedding day. No wedding night shenanigans bc he passed out before we made it to the suite??"

Users such as purpleaxxe sought to defend the groom's antics, however. "If you've selected the right one, you have an entire lifetime for night shenanigans," they wrote. "He was happy and had fun. She should be glad he wanted to celebrate their new beginning."

Nightnurse38 concurred: "She will understand. He enjoyed his day."

Blizzardbabie, meanwhile, dismissed the idea that the bride would be upset by the state of her husband at the end of the night. "You must not know how exhausting the entire wedding day is," they wrote. "Ain't nobody trying to have sex."


— Berghof La Flare (@J_MilesGHOST) September 12, 2021

KaseyGirlBye added that the bride no doubt knows her husband better than anyone watching the clip and is used to him doing "silly stuff" like this, so is unlikely to be fazed.

Newsweek has contacted the original poster, attentiveear, for comment on the video.

Alcohol may be a useful social lubricant for bridegrooms who are nervous about taking centre stage, but it can lead to disaster if not enjoyed in moderation.

At one recent ceremony, a groom was apparently left struggling to stand during his vows after enjoying one drink too many in the build-up to the service.

As for grooms making a memorable entrance, the internet was happier to applaud a video that went viral in August. In the footage, a man was carried down the aisle by four of his groomsmen, much to the delight of his guests and those watching on social media.

A groom and has best man.
Stock photo of a groom and his best man. One groom's extravagant entrance to his wedding ceremony has gone viral on Twitter and TikTok. jacoblund/Getty