Video of White Students Being Told to Leave Multicultural Space Goes Viral

A video of two white, male students being asked to leave a multicultural space and told there is no such thing as "white culture" has gone viral on social media and become the subject of criticism.

The original seven-minute and forty-second video was posted on Instagram on Thursday by the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition, a student group at Arizona State University (ASU).

Shorter versions of the video were shared on Twitter and there was criticism of those who had confronted the two male students. One video clip had been viewed more than 1.5 million times on Friday morning, another version had been viewed 1.4 million times.

Some conservatives on Twitter had shared clips of the video on Friday and offered criticism of the people who asked the white students to leave.

They included former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell and Arizona state Senator Wendy Rogers.

In the video, the white students can be seen sitting at a table with laptops and a backpack. One of the laptops has a sticker saying "Police lives matter."

One of the students was wearing a t-shirt that said "Did not vote for Biden" and there were two Chick-fil-A cups visible on the table.

Two female students approached them and one told them they were "offensive" and made reference to the sticker. One of the students later identified herself as Black.

The white students were asked to leave the multicultural space, which the student group later explained had taken years of campaigning to achieve, but an argument ensued about the matter.

The male student with Biden t-shirt picked up his phone and appeared to be recording the confrontation as he said they were being "kicked out." Off camera, another person said that was not the case.

"You're making this space uncomfortable," one of the students said and the student in the Biden t-shirt replied that he was being made uncomfortable.

"But you're white," one of the students said. "Do you understand what a multicultural space ... it means you're not being centered."

"White's not a culture?" the male student asked.

Imagine recording this and posting it online and thinking you’re the right person

— Caleb Hull (@CalebJHull) September 24, 2021

"No, it's not a culture," one of the students replied. "White is not a culture. Say it again to the camera. You think whiteness is a culture?"

The white student said: "This is insane."

They continued to argue back and forth and another student approached and became involved in the confrontation over the "Police lives matter" sticker. At one point, a student said the slogan was developed in reaction to Black Lives Matter (BLM).

Later in the video, the person who was recording turned the camera on herself on said: "We're here. We had to protect the space 'cause ASU wasn't. We fought for this space. It was years of organizing and we're not gonna just let some white supremacists change that."

At the end of the video, it appears one of the white students has already left, while the other is packing a backpack and continuing to argue until he walks away.

Sharing the video on Instagram, the Multicultural Solidarity Coalition simply wrote, "Defending the Space" and the group also shared a link to the video on their Facebook page.

Newsweek has asked ASU's Multicultural Solidarity Coalition for comment.

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A protester in Times Square holds a handmade sign that reads, "Racism is a Public Health Issue" while another holds a sign that reads, "Enough" during a Black Lives Matter New York (BLMNY) protest. Two white students were asked to leave a multicultural space at Arizona State University on Thursday. Ira L. Black/Corbis/Getty Images