'He Sounds Vile': Husband Who Demands Wife Sleep Naked Sparks Fury

A husband and father has been accused of "strange controlling behavior" after insisting both he and his wife sleep naked together despite her telling him she would rather wear pajamas.

Having a regular bedtime routine is the basis of a healthy relationship and science has shown that people actually sleep better with a partner in their bed.

In 2020, researchers from the Center for Integrative Psychiatry in Kiel, Germany found that couples who slept together enjoyed more uninterrupted rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which is crucial to health and well being.

Yet one woman is facing something of a dilemma when it comes to her sleeping arrangements with her husband and it's led to them sleeping in separate beds.

Writing in a post shared to Mumsnet, wife and mother WhyIsTheSkyBlue explained that throughout their eight-year relationship, her husband "has always slept naked" and wanted her to do the same.

"He says it makes couples closer and he really feels uncomfortable lying next to me when he's naked and I have pajamas on," she wrote. "He says it feels like I'm putting barriers up."

The wife said she initially went along with his request "just to please him" but there have been times, particularly in winter, when she would rather wear night clothes.

However, any time she has worn pajamas, her husband has reacted by going and sleeping, in night clothes, in their 3-year-old son's bed.

He told her he "needs to cuddle up to someone" and "it's important to him" but he simply can't snuggle up to her if she is wearing clothes of any kind.

While the man's wife seemed unsure about the best course of action, social media left no doubt as to what their stance was on the matter with users flooding the post with comments condemning the husband's demands.

"He is being completely unreasonable," VashtaNerada wrote. "Did he need a naked woman in his bed in order to sleep when he was single?? You're not a bloody teddy bear."

"God, he sounds intense," WheelieBinPrincess commented. Another user, Bancha, went further, writing: "He sounds vile."

ChateauMargaux branded it "strange controlling behavior" and felt her husband was using his young son as a substitute for all the wrong reasons. "Co-sleeping with children is about the child's needs, not the adult's," they wrote.

Unadulteratedcat agreed that "children are not substitutes" noting that the couple's son probably suffers from "disturbed sleep" as a result of her husband's bad parenting.

Bergamotmouse urged the wife to stand up to her husband. "Wear what you want!! How does he think it's ok to tell you to (not) wear something to bed that makes you feel uncomfortable!!" they said. "I'd suggest to him that it's his attitude that is more likely the reason for any lack of closeness".

Newsweek has contacted WhyIsTheSkyBlue for comment.

Clinical psychologist and sleep expert Dr. Carla Manly previously told Newsweek there are some benefits to sleeping naked.

"For some, the pure emotional and physical freedom of sleeping naked can lead to the deepest, most restful sleep. And, for those who are partnered, sleeping skin-to-skin can lead to a bonding sense of vulnerable, loving connection," she explained.

She also warned that ignoring this preference can lead to sleep issues if one partner prefers to sleep naked and the other does not.

"Those who enjoy sleeping naked may feel constrained or claustrophobic when wearing nightclothes," she said. "On the other hand, those who prefer wearing nightclothes—whether pajamas, nightgowns, or underwear—can feel so vulnerable when naked that their sleep is disrupted."

A man arguing with a woman.
Stock image of a man arguing with a woman. A husband is insisting his wife sleep naked next to him despite her preference for pajamas. Zero Creatives/Getty