Viral TikTok Trend Mocks 'Weirdest' Commercials of All Time

These TikTokers are giving advertising execs a free course on what not to put in a television commercial.

In the latest digital trend on the popular video-sharing app, TikTok creators are comparing the worst commercials they have ever seen—and forcing viewers to watch the uncomfortable ads with them.

The trend began on Wednesday when the account @samdunkllc posted a commercial that has haunted her for years.

"We've seen the video that lives in your head rent-free, but I want to see the commercial that ruined your life," Sam began the video jokingly. "Here's mine!"

She then cuts to an Acuvu Oasys contact lens commercial from the mid-2000s, featuring twins Kelly and Sabrina. In the ad, Sabrina, who typically wears glasses, shocks Kelly when she announces her doctor prescribed her contact lenses specifically for her astigmatism.

The video, which has been seen over one million times and garnered more than 135,000 likes, had viewers buzzing in the comments section, agreeing that they disliked the commercial as well.

"Why are they caressing each other like that?!?" one viewer commented. "I hated this commercial and I hated it even more when it was the only thing I could remember when my eye doctor said *I* had astigmatism," another shared.

Others said seeing the advertisement made them reminisce on simpler times. "POV [you're] watching Degrassi on Teen Nick and this plays during every commercial break," one lamented. "I feel weirdly nostalgic about this ... it reminds me of not having bills and wearing jeans that I didn't have to tuck a Fupa into," another joked.

Some even drew comparisons to ads they too despised.

"As a twin, I wanna know why these two are caressing each other's thighs like [they're] getting ready to surprise their parents in a Folger's commercial," one commented.

Shortly after Sam posted her video, another content creator spoke specifically about that coffee commercial. Under the username @chamberpop, one person stitched Sam's video—an in-app function that allows users to edit their own videos with another—and spoke about "the Folgers incest commercial" from 2009.


#stitch with @samdunkllc every facet of this commercial ruins my day

♬ original sound - yea

The video shows a sibling duo with what many viewers perceived as a romantic bond making a pot of coffee to celebrate the brother's return home for the holidays.

The comments section lit up with viewers who also despised the ad. "I feel like the ACTORS had too much chemistry [and] RUINED IT. But maybe it is kinda (??) sweet to families who have a good bond," one commenter wrote. "I genuinely thought they were gonna kiss at the end," another shared.

One even joked that the commercial was far from realistic to begin with: "He came home from Africa, looked at Folgers, and said 'real coffee'??? People rave about Ethiopian coffee."

Another user by the name @jillowtalk on the platform focused on a Mentos commercial from 2006 that she realized not many others were speaking up about.


#stitch with @samdunkllc sorry for screen reflection also sorry for ruining your life #mentos #myeyesburn

♬ original sound - jillowtalk

"Okay, I've got the perfect one, because every time I get to know people I'm always like, 'Have you seen that weird Mentos nipple commercial?'" she says. "And they're always like, 'No, what the heck are you talking about?' And then I show them this and then they're scarred for life, and they always get mad at me for showing them."

"So now, I have to show you," she concludes.

The video shows a shirtless man at the beach take a piece of Mentos gum, which in turn grants such a cold sensation that his nipples grow about an inch. He struts confidently around the beach, DJs a huge concert and later shares his gum with a girl he meets in an elevator.

"Me a minute ago: it surely can't be THAT bad. Me now: perish," one horrified user wrote. "A group of people sat around a table and greenlit this commercial. They mutually agreed that this was their best option," another noted in shock.

Newsweek reached out to Sam, but did not immediately hear back to requests for comment.

This is the latest in a series of odd TikTok viral trends in recent months. In March, moms competed on the app over who gave birth to the largest baby.

TikTok shares worst TV commercials ever
TikTok users across the world are sharing the worst commercials they have ever watched. ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images