Viral TikToks Show Cops Pulling Over Two Black Cyclists at Gunpoint

Shared on Tuesday, the same day as the verdict in Derek Chauvin's trial, a TikTok video showing two Black cyclists being pulled over by police at gunpoint has reached more than 3.5 million viewers.

The one-minute-long clip shared by @riskie_e is captioned "What you think happen," and shows him and his friend riding bicycles on the sidewalk. The poster appears to have been wearing some form of body camera.

The pair continue to ride their bikes on the sidewalk as they prepare to pass a police car parked on the side of the road with lights flashing. Seemingly out of nowhere, officers round the car yelling "stop," catching the two by surprise.

"What? What happened?" asks @riskie_e as an officer appears to point a gun at the two. "We didn't do nothing," he says before cops demand to see his hands.

At least two officers can be heard screaming "On the ground, right now!" to the cyclists who are visibly confused but comply.

The video shows @riskie_e 's friend getting off his bike, holding a plastic bag in his left hand, raising his hands and lying on his stomach on the ground.

"What the f***? What? What the f*** happened?" the TikToker says, standing frozen in apparent shock.

"You are not on the ground, stomach on the ground, now!" the police can be heard yelling in the background.

"Bro, on the ground, bro," his friend repeats.

@riskie_e follows suit and lays on the ground while saying to the officers: "I didn't do nothing, you have got your gun drawn and I didn't do nothing."

"I just left 7/11," his friend adds.

Officers then demand that the two men crawl on the ground to meet them, saying "crawl towards me" as @riskie_e continues to ask what exactly is going on.

Thousands of users commented after watching this video and responses were split.

Some advised the pair not to "talk back," with one saying they should "comply and ask later."

"Bro just lay down and listen it's not that hard if you truly didn't do anything then they will let you go," commented one.

Others blamed the cops for misusing their power, "Really? 'crawl towards me' lmaooooo what are we animals now," asked one.

"It's crazy how I see blue and red lights and I'm scared for my life. Instead of feeling safe," said another.

The TikToker also posted a series of videos following up on the initial incident. One of them shows @riskie_e asking the cops to clarify what is going on, and one police officer tells him, "You are being detained as a part of an investigation, you match the description of two suspects."

In another video, @riskie_ e shared his experience after being pulled over, which included being detained, handcuffed, fingerprinted and held over the course of a few hours. The cops told the pair that "they fit the description of two suspects that just committed a robbery." They were later let go when police confirmed they were not the suspects.

Earlier this week, another TikTok video went viral depicting a woman approaching a group of Black army soldiers in an IHOP seemingly in order to harass them. The incident is being investigated by local authorities.

TikTokers pulled out by police for cycling
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