Viral Video Shows Plane Crashing Into Water Near Ocean City

Videos have emerged showing a plane crashing into the ocean near a resort town in Maryland, as beachgoers watch.

At around 6:19 p.m. on Tuesday, a small plane made an emergency landing in shallow water near 21st street in the town of Ocean City, which sits between the Atlantic Ocean and Isle of Wight Bay.

The pilot, 23-year-old Trevor H. Deihl, told Maryland State Police he had flown from Reedville, Virginia, and planned to land at Ocean City Airport.

But his journey was cut short when his aircraft was beset by engine problems around a mile from the shore. Deihl responded by gliding the aircraft on to the water. The pilot was flying solo the single-engine Cessna 172RG, which he owns.

Ocean City Paramedics checked Deihl and released him, according to Ocean City Police Department.

Jessica N. Waters, communications manager of the Town of Ocean City told Newsweek: "We were very lucky that the pilot was able to detect the problem and find a vacant place to land. This was not only a great landing by the pilot but great response from first responders, including our public works crews who assisted in removing the plane from the beach."

Witnesses described seeing the plane descend and glide towards the water. It then landed and floated on the surface, Maryland State Police said. Beachgoers captured images of the crash, which they shared on social media.

Graysen Levy from Baltimore shot footage shared with ABC News. She told ABC affiliate WCPO: "We were just in the water 5 minutes prior, got out to dry, turned around to see a plane skimming the water into an emergency landing. The kid got out safely and the plane fully submerged into the water afterwards."

WATCH BELOW: Viewer Graysen Levy captured a video of a plane crashing into the water in Ocean City!

The Coast Guard says they have offered their services but were turned down by police. Maryland State Police are responding to the scene.


— WMAR-2 News (@WMAR2News) July 16, 2019

Alongside a video of the rescue operation, witness Donna Cutter wrote: "Plane crashes in Ocean City Maryland right off of the beach. Pilot swam to shore."

Plane crashes in Ocean City Maryland right off of the beach. Pilot swam to shore.

— Donna (@donnacut) July 16, 2019

Another Twitter user said: "Plane crashed in ocean city at 22nd steeet," and shared a clip of the aircraft bobbing in the ocean.

Plane crashed in ocean city at 22nd steeet

— Superchef Skouge (@ChaseSkouge) July 16, 2019

Donna Cutter, a 54-year-old operations manager in the financial industry from New Jersey, told Newsweek she was staying at the Grand Hotel on the beach with her husband. The couple came out of a restaurant near their hotel and saw several emergency vehicles and rescue boats in the ocean.

"I think everyone was just surprised but grateful that no one was hurt," she told Newsweek. "After several hours they were able to remove the plane and place it on the beach. A few hours after that they were able to safely remove [it] from the beach. I think the city handled the emergency in an organized and professional manner."

Witness Charlotte Higdon was on the beach near 41st street at the time. She described the incident as "nuts" to CBS Baltimore. "I happened to look up and I saw the plane coming right directly over top of us, and I said to my husband, 'Look at that! That's strange! It's very close," she said.

"The engine was making a sputtering noise and there was smoke coming out of the one side of it. From our angle, it looked like it was coming down in the sand on top of people. We were panicking like oh goodness is that going to come down and hit somebody's family on the beach."

No one was harmed, according to Maryland State Police. Ocean City Beach Patrol and Ocean City Police Department officials immediately responded to the scene. Maryland State Police officers arrived after being notified by Ocean City Police Department.

Officials from the Department of Natural Resources, Maryland Natural Resources Police, U.S. Coast Guard, National Transportation Safety Board and the Federal Aviation Administration were also informed. Maryland State Police have launched an investigation.

This article has been updated with comment from Jessica N. Waters and Donna Cutter.