iTunes Top 10 List May Reveal 'The Voice' 2019 Winner

Season 16 Finale Spoilers

On Tuesday, The Voice 2019 winner will be announced, but iTunes Top 10 chart may have already given it away.

The Voice 2019 finale results show airs Tuesday, May 21 at 9 p.m. ET. During the show, the four remaining contestants will perform one last time alongside musical stars like Toby Keith, OneRepublic, Taylor Swift and more. After the evening's performances, Carson Daly will announce the winner of Season 16. The finalist who takes home the crown will earn not only a record deal but also $100,000.

The winner of The Voice is determined by a mixture of viewer votes and musical streams. Tonight, Carson Daly will announce the performer who received the most votes. Additionally, any singer with singles that made it to iTunes' Top 10 list will also receive bonus points. While there's no sure way of knowing who will win The Voice Season 16, the results of Apple's most streamed songs Monday evening could provide hints for who may be safe from elimination this evening. To give you a sneak peek at who may be saved and who may be going home, we've put together a list of The Voice Top 4 rankings on iTunes Top 100 charts last night. Hopefully, you'll find your favorite performer listed there.

iTunes Top 10 List: Which The Voice 2019 Performer Will Win The Apple Music Bonus?

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Who will win The Voice Season 16? iTunes Top 10 chart may have given it away. NBC

Every performer last evening ended up on iTunes' Top 100 list with three of the artists ranking in the Top 10. Additionally, contestant Maelyn Jarmon has a total of three songs trending on iTunes' Top 10 list, which could suggest she is America's favorite to win Season 16. Here are all the results from iTunes' Top 10 list.

#1 Maelyn Jarmon (Team Legend)

Last night Maelyn put on one of her best performances of the season as she sang an emotional rendition of Leonard Kohen's "Hallelujah." In our live recap of the show, we named Maelyns's performance the best of the evening, and clearly, America agreed. Maelyn made it to #1 on the iTunes Top 100 List and #1 in the iTunes Alternative category, earning her bonus iTunes points. Maelyn Jarmon is our pick for Season 16 winner.

#4 Maelyn Jarmon (Team Legend)

The second highest performing song of the evening, also came to us from Maelyn Jarmon., Her original single "Wait For You" ranked #4 on the iTunes Top 100 List and #1 in the iTunes Pop category.

#5 Gyth Rigdon (Team Blake)

This position also comes as no surprise after Gyth performed an original single he wrote. "Proof I Always Loved You" ranked #5 on the iTunes Top 100 list and #1 in the iTunes Country category.

#8 Maelyn Jarmon (Team Legend)

Are you starting to see a trend here? Once again, Maelyn takes over the charts alongside her coach John Legend. The two performed a duet of Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable" that ranked, #8 on iTunes Top 100 List and #3 in iTunes' Pop category.

#10 Andrew Sevener (Team Blake)

The competition is pretty stiff for country singers in Season 16, but Andrew continues to put on a great show with each song he sings. Sevener performed his original single "Rural Route Raising" with gusto and managed to secure spot #10 on iTunes Top 10 list and #2 in iTunes' Country category.

Other Notable iTunes Chart Placements

Though the Top 10 is the best indicator of who will win Season 16, here are some additional songs from the finalist that ranked well on iTunes last night.

  • #12 - Andrew Sevener with "Lips Of An Angel"
  • #13 - Gyth Rigdon with "Once in a Blue Moon"
  • #20 - Maelyn Jarmon with "Stay"
  • #21 - Dexter Roberts with "Looking Back"
  • #24 - Dexter Roberts with "Anything Goes"
  • #43 - Gyth Rigdon and Blake Shelton with "Take It Easy"
  • #47 - Andrew Sevener and Blake Shelton with "All Right Now"
  • #54 - Dexter Roberts and Blake Shelton with "Hard Workin' Man"
  • #56 - Maelyn Jarmon with "The Scientist"
  • #71 - Maelyn Jarmon with "Falling Water"
  • #84 - Dexter Roberts with "Here Without You"
  • #99 - Gyth Rigdon with "God Bless the U.S.A."

Who do you think will win Season 16? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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