'The Voice' 2020 Episode 5 Recap: Which Blind Audition Contestants Made the Teams Tonight?

The Voice 2020 blind auditions conclude tonight during Season 18, episode 5. Keep up with our complete live-blogged coverage and recap of tonight's show results here.

It's the final night of blind auditions on The Voice Season 18.

Coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Nick Jonas still have a few more spots open on their teams, and during night 5 of blind auditions, they'll meet a few more hopefuls ready to fill them. So far, Team Blake, Team Kelly and Team Nick have the most members with eight contestants each, while Team Legend follows behind with seven artists. Unlike previous years, which included 12 contestants on each team, this year's show will only see 10 members per team.

As the show airs tonight, we'll be on hand providing live-blogged coverage of each performance as well as a recap of everyone who makes a team. If you missed a show, check out our full recap of all the performers who made teams so far here.

The Voice Season 18, Episode 5 Results

Team Blake: Cam Spinx, Kailey Abel

Team Kelly: Micah Iverson, Gigi Hess

Team Legend: Brittany Allen, Mandi Castillo, Cedrice

Team Nick: Anders Drerup, Kevin Farris

'The Voice' 2020 Blind Auditions Night 4: Who Made the Teams
(L-R) Kelly Clarkson and Nick Jonas appear on NBC's "The Voice." The fourth round of Season 18 Blind Auditions will continue on March 3, 2020. Trae Patton/NBC

The Voice Season 18, Episode 5 Live Blog


The show kicks off with a live group performance of Nick Jonas' "Jealous" featuring John Legend, Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson.


Japanese American Micah Iverson is the first contestant to hit the stage. Before he begins his performance, though, we have our first commercial break of the night.


We're back and Micah begins his cover of "All I Want." He almost finishes the song before Kelly, Blake and Nick finally turn for him. However, John admits he regrets not banging his buzzer for the singer.

"I have won this show six times with rock artists, pop. I've won it with soul, R&B, country. People love the weirdness of someone like you, someone like me, teaming up, breaking the rules," Blake said. "Just pick me.

In the end, Micah chooses Team Kelly.


Next up is Brittany Allen with a slow and soulful cover of "Dancing On My Own." John is the first and only coach to turn his chair for the Georgia native, but the other coaches admitted that they would have likely turned for Brittany if they had more space left on their teams. We're getting down to the wire and only so many slots are left for contestants.

"I love the song you chose and I love your rendition of it. It really allowed us to hear so much of the contours of your voice," John said. "I'm really excited to coach you Brittany."


Tracey Preston is the next contestant to take the stage. In her video reel, Tracey reveals she already has some experience performing professionally and says she formerly sang backup for the R&B singer Vivian Green. Tracey shows off a bit more of a funky and upbeat energy than the music she's performed in the past. She delivers a spunky cover of "Rock Steady," but it's not enough to convince any of the coaches to turn their seats for her.

"I'm almost full. You were really incredible. I think we're late in the game. We should have turned," Kelly said.


It's Cam Spinks' turn to hit the stage. It seems as though Blake may finally have the country singer he's been hoping to fill out his team with as the Alabama singer explains what brought him to The Voice during his video reel, and Cam's similarities with the country superstar become even more apparent as he belts out a cover of "Wave on Wave." It's not all that surprising when Blake is the first judge to turn for Cam. But Kelly gives him a bit of competition when she turns for the singer just before Cam's performance wraps.

Kelly says Cam has the vibe of the country music she loves and grew up on while Blake claims he has the experience that can really help Cam go far in his musical career.

"Cam, the kind of country music that I love and grew up on is your vibe," Kelly said.

"Cam, I hear a lot of elements of your voice that I love," Blake said.


Anders Drerup is up next with a reggae version of "Can't Help Falling in Love." Nick is the first and only coach to turn.

"I can hear in the higher registry of your voice too that we're going to have a lot of fun with the fun selection and actually flipping things around," Nick said.


Spanish American singer Mandi Castillo takes the stage with a cover of "Asi Fue." Although Kelly is known for her love of Spanish singers, it's Nick who turns for the 23-year-old first. Finally, though, Kelly bangs her buzzer for Mandi. John and Blake also turn in the final moment of her performance, resulting in the first four-chair turn of the night.

"When I heard you sing I started thinking about how important it is for us to represent," Nick said. "You are in a lane all of your own and I would love the chance to help you grow as an artist and become all that you can be."

Mandi has a tough decision to make, and after a bit of deliberation, she decides to go with her gut. However, we'll have to wait until after a commercial break to find out what direction her intuition leads her in.


Back from commercials and we finally learn which team Mandi chooses. It's Team Legend.


While Kelly and Blake argue over the difference between a violin and a fiddle, Kailey Abel makes her way to the stage with a cover of "Forever Young." Her unique and smoky voice captures Blake's attention right away. He's the only judge to turn for the Oklahoma singer.

"You have an incredible gift. I will say this right now: I would bet the farm on your winning this competition," Blake said.

It's Team Blake for Kailey, and The Voice coach finally has his top 10 artists.


Tyrone "Mr. Super Fantastic" Perkins is up next. The 68-year-old performs a jazzy cover of "Stormy Monday," but he doesn't get any chair turns.


Gigi Hess is barely five seconds into her cover of "Love Song" when Kelly turns her chair for the singer. She's the only coach to do so.

"I'm so glad I didn't have to fight John for you," Kelly said.


Kevin Farris hits the stage with his guitar and performs a cover of "Home." He lands a chair turn from John and Nick.

John loves that Kevin teaches music enrichment for young children and says they'll have so much fun working together while Nick is impressed with the power in his voice before he joins the singer on stage for a quick duet.

"I failed music class in first grade," Nick said. "I wish I had a teacher like you that could of helped me."

Kevin chooses Team Nick.


Allison Grace performs a smooth and jazzy cover of "Don't Know Why." Kelly enjoys the performance but with no more room on her team the coach can't turn around for her, and John—the only coach with a spot left on his team—doesn't bang his buzzer either.

"I didn't hear enough power. I felt a little bit restrained," John said, advising her to come back with a song that's not so delicate.


Cedrice is the last contestant to audition, and she's going to sing a cover of "Fever," but first, commercials!


We're back from a quick commercial break and Cedrice begins her sexy rendition of "Fever" that make all the judges swoon. It seems that John's decision to be a bit stingy with his chair turns paid off.

Nick says Cedrice's voice is electrifying. Kelly is "so mad" she couldn't welcome Cedrice to her team and Blake is simply proud to see Cedrice move forward in the competition.

"Cedrice, you are beautiful. You have so much style. No one else looks like you. No one else sounds like you. You approached the song with such artistry, grace, seductiveness—everything that you needed. I've been waiting to fill my team with someone special," John says.

Team Legend it is for Cedrice, and we are officially done with Season 18's blind auditions.