Zelensky Has Survived Over a Dozen Assassination Attempts, Ukraine Claims

President Volodymyr Zelensky has survived over a dozen assassination attempts since the beginning of the Russian invasion, according to Ukraine.

Mikhail Podolyak, head of the office for the President, said international reports that three attempts have been made against Zelensky's life were false.

While speaking to Ukrainian news outlet Ukrayinska Pravda, he said there had been at least 12 attempts.

"Our foreign partners are talking about two or three attempts. I believe that there were more than a dozen such attempts," he said during an interview.

"Because we constantly have operation information that there are some DRGs [sabotage and intelligence groups], who want to enter the government quarter and so on.

"We have a very powerful network of intelligence and counterintelligence, they track it all, and all these DRGs are being liquidated on the way.

"That is, we understand all the plans and our counterintelligence work on them," he said.

"From a security point of view, I cannot talk about some things. These risks have not disappeared anywhere," Podolyak said. "Western intelligence is right to say that the main target for Putin was Mr. Zelensky in terms of attacking the government quarter and trying to kill the country's key manager."

Newsweek reported last week that Zelensky had survived three assassination attempts and was able to avoid danger due to warnings from anti-war intelligence officers in Russia's Federal Security Services.

On Monday, Zelensky appeared to taunt Russian President Vladimir Putin with a video of himself making a defiant speech in his Kyiv office.

"You know, we used to say: Monday is a hard day," Zelensky began the speech from the besieged capital.

"There is a war in the country. So every day is Monday. And now we are used to the fact that every day and every night are like that."

He said: "I'm not hiding and I'm not afraid of anyone. As much as it takes to win this patriotic war of ours."

Zelensky's video circulated on social media and a clip of his speech garnered over 4.4 million views on Twitter.

The Ukrainian leader was praised by viewers for his bravery and defiance in the face of danger from Russia's military.

BuzzFeed reporter Christopher Miller captioned the video: "Day 12 of Russia's full-on invasion of Ukraine. Where's President Zelensky?

"I'm staying in Kyiv. In my office. I'm not hiding. and I'm not afraid of anyone."

The comic turned president has truly become a wartime leader."

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Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky speaks at a press conference for selected media at his official residence the Maryinsky Palace on March 3,2022 in Kyiv, Ukraine. Zelensky has survived over ten assassination attempts according to Ukrayinska Pravda reports. Laurent Van der Stockt/Getty Images