Walmart Confirms PS5 and Xbox Series X/S Restock on Thursday

Another week, another PS5 and Xbox Series X/S restock at Walmart.

Walmart confirmed Thursday that the retailer will have limited stock of Sony and Microsoft's next-gen consoles available via its online store. However, unlike previous restocks, these units will only be available to deliver so there is no option to pick them up at your local Walmart.

With both Sony and Microsoft confirming this week that units of their gaming consoles will continue to be in short supply this year, restocks like Thursday's will be important for gamers still trying to get their hands on either the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S.

ps5 vs xbox series x specs


Walmart confirmed to Newsweek more units of the PS5 and PS5 Digital will be sold starting at 3 p.m. EST on Thursday, February 4, while supplies last.

Of course, the site may be flooded with customers, but you can try your best to get in and place your order for one of these Sony next-gen consoles. If you're wondering what the difference is between the PS5 and the PS5 Digital, the digital system doesn't have a disc drive and can only play digital games. Here are links to Walmart's pages for the consoles:

Gamers can also pick up a console via the Walmart app.


Like with the PS5, Walmart confirmed to Newsweek it will have the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S restocked starting on Thursday, February 4, at 3 p.m. EST.

Gamers may have an easier chance of getting this console than the PS5, since it's been out for a little bit longer, but you'll still want to know the difference between the Series X and the Series S.

The Series X is the more expensive and the more powerful system. It's also the console that has a disc drive. The Series S does not have a disc drive, so players will need to purchase games digitally for this system. Here are Walmart links to each system:

Gamers can also pick up a console via the Walmart app.


Although getting one of the next-gen consoles is a bit luck-based, you can increase your odds now that you know what time the Walmart restocks will go live.

We suggest getting to the landing site minutes before and refreshing until the ability to order is unlocked. From there, it's all about luck.

Are there any other tips to try and place your order for the PS5 or Xbox Series X/S you want to share? Let us know in the comments section.