Watch Cheeky Bear Pull Down Family's Tree To Get Bird Feeder

A black bear has been recorded attempting to eat from a family's bird feeder in footage captured in Florida.

The video was recorded on a Ring home doorbell camera and shows two black bears up against the wall of a family home near Ocala National Park, north of Orlando, Florida.

While one bear in the background appears to drink from a bird bath, another closer to the camera becomes interested in the bird feeder hanging from a nearby tree.

As the footage continues, the bear stands on its hind legs and paws at the feeder, attempting to get to the food inside.

After several seconds, the bear begins to hang off the feeder and its weight eventually snaps the branch on which the feeder was hanging.

"I actually am happy to see them still coming through," Ring user Sara told Newsweek. "I actually post a series of videos on my Instagram about what is tripping the camera, I am up to 25 videos ... I do have a heathy respect for bear travel and eating patterns, I never go outside without the bright lights on so I don't risk the chance of surprising them," she said.

Black bears are omnivorous in their eating habits, and their diets are typically 80 per cent plant-based, with nuts, berries and other fruit making up a large portion of their food. They are famously good at climbing trees and often do so when they are startled or frightened.

Sara said she had captured footage of the same bears previously when they were cubs.

"We live 1.2 miles from a state park with a natural spring, that feeds into the Ocala National Park. We get a lot of animal traffic ... I have caught these same bears now twice on the ring cameras, once in June when they were still babies.

"I do think they are misunderstood. We are living in their home, and the insane amount of building in Florida is squeezing them out. We live in an area built in the early 80s and I still feel some responsibility for the wildlife losing their habit.

"The bears are aggressive only when threatened and I feel like we can do better at not putting them him harms way."

Florida black bears are the only bear species found in the state and roam state-wide. They are especially common in central Florida.

Adults typically weigh between 250 and 350 pounds. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) estimates there are around 4,050 black bears in Florida.

An FWC-produced map of bear encounters in Florida has documented hundreds of incidents with the largest number taking place in counties directly north of Orlando, where the Ring footage was captured.

Newsweek reported on January 17 how a woman out walking her dogs was attacked by a black bear with her cubs in DeBary, Florida on January 13.

The FWC confirmed they had euthanized the bear in response, saying that it posed a threat to humans.

This article has been updated to include additional quotes from Sara.

Ring screenshot of black bear in Florida
A screenshot from a Ring device recording shows a black bear attempting to eat food from a bird feeder. The footage was captured at a family home close to the Ocala National Park, just north of Orlando, Florida Ring devices