Watch Dog React to Hilarious Voicemail From His Daycare—'He Pleads the 5th'

A video of the moment a dog and his owner listened to a voicemail from the pet's daycare center has captured viral attention.

The hilarious voice message reveals just what Kai the Alaskan Klee Kai has been up to during his first day at doggy daycare.

With 8.5 million views on TikTok, the clip of the moment Kai hears the voicemail from the daycare has left the internet in stitches.

Kai the dog
Photos of Kai Alaskan Klee Kai. The 10-month-old has left the internet in stitches after a video of a voicemail from his daycare received over 8 million views. @kai_thekleekai/TikTok

"Kai is a big humper," the caller tells Kai's owner Liana from New Jersey. "Overstimulated. Literally humping everyone. A lot of the dogs did not like it."

Liana added: "He is social, but he's more concerned about humping everybody than he is playing and meeting them."

"He pleads the 5th," joked Kai's owner in the caption of the video as her pet listens to the voicemail.

The 10-month-old pup had never been to daycare before and has not yet been neutered.

"Kai went for the day to have an evaluation and meet the other dogs. They knew he had not been neutered yet, but that he has an appointment very soon, so they let him come for the day," Liana told Newsweek.

"The staff were very nice and attentive. As part of their evaluation routine, they call the owners midday to update them on how their dog is doing in the new environment, and that is why I received a voicemail. They were really nice, and in the later part of the voicemail, they said we can try again after Kai is neutered."

In unneutered dogs, it is common for them to be driven to hump—whether it is other dogs, inanimate objects or even your leg, their hormones drive them to the behavior.

While most common in unneutered males, it is a common misconception that only male dogs hump—in fact, both male and female dogs can be known to do this, and it isn't necessarily sexually motivated.

Dogs also hump as part of play, as a result of overexcitement or stress and anxiety.

Hormone-related humping can be prevented with neutering, but it is also important to socialize dogs from a young age, ensure they get enough exercise and remove any triggers that may cause them to exhibit humping behavior.

After Kai's first day at doggy daycare, it was decided that he would return after he had been neutered.

"I was laughing, and shocked because I thought Kai was going to be really scared and shy at daycare," said owner Liana. "The staff were really nice about it, and the TikTok only showed the first, very funny, part of the call."

In the hilarious video, Kai appears to be listening innocently to the voicemail that calls out his behavior during his first daycare trip.

In stitches, thousands of TikTok users shared their reactions in the comments. "Innocent until proven guilty," read one reply, as another TikToker wrote: "Omg. He said is this lady snitching."

"Kai and my ex have so much in common," posted another.

Liana found the voicemail so hilarious that she had to share it online: "I made the TikTok so that my friends can see what happened at Kai's first day of daycare, and laugh with me. I was surprised that it went so viral, but not shocked because it is quite funny," Liana said.

"Kai has such a funny personality, and it helps that he is very cute," she added. "He is stubborn, and oh so smart. He often gets himself into trouble—but Kai is so loving, loyal, and just the best dog."

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