Dog Hijacks Family Tiktok Dance in Hilarious Video: 'Never Laughed Harder'

A family attempting a popular viral TikTok dance ended up finding internet fame for altogether more hilarious reasons thanks to their interfering dog.

It was writer and comedian W.C. Fields who once famously said: "Never work with children or animals." Fields may have passed away more than 70 years ago but that old adage still appears to ring true if the video uploaded to TikTok by Marti Valenzuela, from Mexico, is anything to go by.

The clip, which has been viewed over 43 million times, chronicled her family's attempts at completing a popular dance routine to the tune of "My Name Is" a song by children's entertainer D Billions.

As part of the challenge, four people are required to line up and introduce themselves in turn as Chicky, Cha-Cha, Boom-Boom and La-La. Whenever the song makes mention of any of the names—and it does frequently—the person assigned that particular character steps forward and dances.

So far, so simple, but what D Billions and the many thousands who have already performed the routine probably didn't factor into their routines was the presence of a dog. For Valenzuela and her family, it was a presence they soon felt. The clip can be watched here.

Music has been shown to affect dogs' behavior.

In a 2017 study by the Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the University of Glasgow, researchers found dogs spent "significantly more time lying and significantly less time standing" when music was played.

As part of the research, scientists also measured the dogs' heart rate with the results indicating that canines experienced a decrease in stress levels when music was played.

The dogs tested were played music from a variety of genres, with researchers observing the most positive behavior changes in instances where the canines listened to reggae and soft rock.

Perhaps that goes some way to explaining the reaction of Valenzuela's dog in the clip— this pet pooch is evidently no fan of D Billions. In the video, Valenzuela attempts to complete the dance challenge with her brother, Nicolas, her younger sister and an unidentified friend or family member.

Initially, things go to plan, with Valenzuela and her brother completing the Chicky and Cha-Cha parts of the song without any problem.

The issues arise when their dog decides to get involved. The curious canine initially begins trying to chew at Valenzuela's jeans but when the pet's efforts are rebuffed they turn their attention to the young child.

From then on it's utter chaos, with the young girl trying and failing to perform as Boom-Boom while the dog continues to nip at her heels.

At several points she falls to the ground with the dog continuing to nip and lick at her in a largely playful manner. Despite her stricken state, however, all three of the adults that also feature in the clip continue on with the TikTok dance, evidently keen to adhere to the old mantra that the "show must go on."

Valenzuela does eventually intervene to help the young girl up but the dog is soon on her case again and continues to terrorize her for the remainder of the video. By the end, Valenzuela and her brother are struggling to keep themselves from laughing at the unfolding chaos—and they are not alone in that respect.

"I've never laughed this hard at a Tik Tok," hjgemma said. Anittan agreed, writing: "Haven't laughed this much in my life" while Chris Clemens said: "I'm in tears." Tamyra Meadows commented: "I have never laughed harder" with Irene Barrios adding: "I was having a stressful day at work but this made my day!!"

Melanna83 loved that the girl was "still participating while being attacked" while yusleidiii thought it was hilarious that Valenzuela "picked her up and she got attacked again."

Vaniaraigosas1 was similarly impressed: "Even though she was been 'attacked', she never stopped to do the "boom boom" part she tried her best" with adding: "Poor kid was fighting for her life the whole time and still tried."

Valenzuela may think twice about doing another dance routine around her dog. Then again, given the reaction to this clip, maybe she won't

Newsweek has contacted Valenzuela for comment.

A dog invading a family photo.
Stock image of a dog invading a family photo - a pet pooch has starred in one of the funniest videos to hit TikTok in recent times. Halfpoint/Getty