Watch This Frog Eat an Entire Snake in a Wild, Australian TikTok

If you hate snakes, you're about to learn to love frogs even more. In an absolutely wild TikTok, the most unlikely predator feasts on a snake in what can only be explained as part of the terrifying Australian animal kingdom.

Posted by TikTok user @danimonteith on November 22, the video has gained close to 34,000 likes from viewers who watched the gory scene unfold. In it, a green frog casually snacks on a silver snake, one that seems to be a perfect size: it's big enough to be a giant meal but small enough that the frog seems just large enough to be considered a predator.

Beware, the short video is gory. As the frog chews on the snake's tail, the reptile continues to slither and move its head around, seemingly in an attempt to break free from the frog's hungry grip. Later, though, the video cuts to show the ultimate gore: the bloody snake hangs dead and defeated as the frog continues to chomp on its tail end.

green frog
White-Lipped Green Tree Frog on palm leaf, Daintree Rainforest, Queenland, Australia. Tim Graham/Getty Images/Getty

The people filming decided to cheer the frog on, from saying things like "go frog" to wondering if the green amphibian would have been injured by any potential snake bite. The otherwise unassuming frog may be assumed the underdog in most situations. That could be what led the Australian social media users to champion the green frog as it feasted, apparently unbothered by the filming commotion. A handful of TikTok commenters agreed, but many also felt for the snake as it met a slow death.

Those who commented on the video found the gross scene to be both disgusting and oddly endearing. Some commented, though, that Australians may have a bit more knowledge about how the scene played out in real life. Some assumed the people filming put the snake out of its misery so the frog could continue snacking without the reptile suffering any longer. A few even called this common practice in Australia, user Johnie Papas even noting: "You can tell who's not from Australia. You smashed the snake's head in, didn't ya."

Regardless of what happened off-screen, it seems some TikTokers can't stop watching. Many commenters took pity on the snake and claimed to hate seeing any animal suffer, be it at the hands of the humans watching, or at the appetite of the frog.

This is far from the first time an animal video of a natural, yet peculiar snack went viral. Another video that caught attention online showed a giant alligator eating its second duck of the day in one.

Whichever wild kingdom meal you choose to view today, we hope it's everything your super weird Internet video tastes are asking for.