Bride Banning Sister-in-Law from Wedding for Being Too Pretty Sparks Fury

A bride-to-be has sparked controversy after banning her sister-in-law from her upcoming wedding because she's too good looking.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, generally speaking, it's not as important as you might think. A 20-country YouGov study from 2017 found that the vast majority of people value personality over good looks in a prospective partner.

Beautiful or otherwise, however, one soon-to-be-married woman has shown an entirely negative side to her personality after uninviting her brother's wife from her wedding.

The reason behind the ban? She's worried about being upstaged on her big day by her sister-in-law's good looks.

According to the groom's newly banned sister, their issues go way back. Posting to Reddit under the handle biryaniforbreakast, the bride has "always been jealous" of her looks and has regularly made "comments" about her appearance.

On several occasions she claimed she has even been heard to loudly remark that "looks aren't everything" within earshot of the sister-in-law. "I've never reacted to this, since she seems to have low self-esteem and I feel bad for her," she said.

Changing the Plan

While she has been able to tolerate this behavior, things took a bad turn just a month before the wedding when the bride asked her not to come.

According to the sister-in-law, she told her: "I deserve to be the most beautiful person at my wedding, and you'll spoil that for me. I want all eyes to be on me, not you."

Despite promising to "skip makeup and wear a simple dress" the soon-to-be-married woman made it clear she simply "couldn't be there."

When she told her husband what she said, he "got angry" and called her up, accusing her of being "cruel" for uninviting his wife. Unfortunately, that didn't help, with the bride later texting her to chastise her for "snitching" and wanting to "flaunt" her good looks at the wedding.

But while the bride appears convinced of her sister-in-law's bad intentions, most on social media thought entirely the opposite.

Sweetpotatopietime said the bride "actually is a bad person" for what she was trying to do. "Insecurity explains the a**hole behavior but doesn't excuse it," letstrythisagain30 wrote. "She's an a**hole because of low self esteem."

Scarlettnightingale commented: "Her being insecure does not give her a right to attack and mistreat you, her allowing her insecurity to push her to that does in fact make her a bad person."

Puzzleheaded_Order78, meanwhile, asked: "Why would you wanna attend an event of someone who obviously doesn't like you? Don't even give her a second thought."

BigJaytx said: "Bridezilla needs to chill. What she did was incredibly cruel and childish" while GoldenFrog14 added: "Being this jealous sounds like an awful way to live."

Newsweek has contacted biryaniforbreakast for comment.

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A wedding bride looking unhappy.
A file photo of a bride looking unhappy - a bride-to-be has banned her sister-in-law from attending her nuptials because she is worried about being upstaged by her good looks. shironosov/Getty