'Cheapskate Move': Wedding Caterers Praised for Turning Down Couple

The manager of a wedding catering company has taken to the internet to slam "cheapskate" couples who expect their guests to pay for their food on the day.

In a now-viral post on popular discussion site Mumsnet, user ohwhyohwhyohwhyohwhy shared the new trend they had noticed in the industry.

"I run a wedding catering company based on a food truck and catering to the less formal weddings. I'm now seeing a trend where brides and grooms are emailing me and telling me that they expect the guests to pay for the dinner themselves on the day."

The caterer revealed that they are turning down these events as a matter of policy.

Wedding/Paying for food
A close-up of a bride and groom exchanging rings at a wedding, left, and a picture of a man paying for food at a food truck, right. A couple have been slammed online after expecting their guests to pay for their food at their wedding. Виктор Высоцкий/gorodenkoff/Getty Images

They wrote: "Largely because I think it is the most cheapskate move ever. But also because I could arrive and find they have 50 guests, 5 food trucks and half of them have brought a picnic instead, and I lose money."

They asked: "AIBU (am I being unreasonable) to think most guests would balk if I presented a card reader for their dinner at a wedding?"

Many Mumsnet users were shocked by the story, and took to the comments to share their feelings.

"I'd not be very impressed to have to pay for my own dinner at a wedding," wrote one commenter. "I think it's tacky but I am aware it's become more common."

Said another: "I'd only bother going if it was affordable and somewhere close."

Wedding planning site The Knot published its 2021 Real Weddings study in February, delving into the evolving landscape of wedding celebrations alongside a background where living costs are rising and COVID-19 has been disrupting the wedding industry for the last two years.

The survey revealed that the average cost of a wedding venue was $10,700, but in those where catering and alcohol was included as part of the venue package, the average cost increased to closer to $15,800.

The average couple currently spends around $75 a head on catering for their big day, with roughly 57 percent of couples saying that food and drinks are the most important aspects to focus on when planning their wedding.

"If the couple can't afford a big wedding with a food truck themselves, they shouldn't have one," wrote one commenter on Mumsnet.

Another user said: "If you're going make guests pay then what's the point of having a wedding? Just invite the number of guests you can afford."

But some commenters did sympathize with the bride and groom: "I've never heard of this but wouldn't have an issue with it providing I knew in advance," said one commenter.

While another user said: "I've been to weddings where I've paid and have no issue at all with it. I'd not be keen if it were unusually expensive though."

In another recent Mumsnet post, guests revealed the most important thing to them when it came to weddings: with most citing that food was a big deal. "My family need feeding," said one response: "We get hungry and grumpy if there is no food."