West Virginia Woman Tells Mexican Restaurant Manager: 'Get the F*** out of My Country... You Need to Speak English'

Videos showing a raging white woman berating the manager of a Mexican restaurant in West Virginia to speak English have went viral after being uploaded online.

The footage, recorded on a cell phone and shared to Facebook, showed a woman identified as Jill shouting "get the f*** out of my country" at the restaurant's boss, Sergio Budar. The victim of the verbal attack—a U.S. citizen—had been speaking Spanish with two employees.

The clips have since been views hundreds of thousands of times. The incident took place in the Tampico Mexican Restaurant in the city of Parkersburg.

"English is our first language so you need to speak English," the woman, identified in one video as "Jill," could be heard shouting. The video was uploaded by Facebook user Irma Dleon on Saturday. A man who was accompanying the woman at the table tried to calm her down, appearing embarrassed.

But Jill continued, shouting: "I don't have any problem with the way you look. When you are in America you need to speak English." It was then a restaurant chef came to Budar's defense.

"If you're going to be racist you're going to leave," the chef told the woman, who denied that she was racist. The unidentified chef continued: "No, that's racist. This man takes care of me. And you're gonna get outta here if you're gonna talk to him like that to him. Don't do that."

As the man with Jill apologized, the manager asked the pair to leave, one video shows. Budar told them: "I am going to pay for what you got OK. So can you please exit the restaurant."

Jill, who repeated that she had lived in California for two decades, fumed: "So I got raped by illegal aliens who cant speak English and you want me to be nice to you." The woman uttered the same sentence multiple times. While leaving, she was heard saying: "F***ing rapists."

Speaking to NBC News, Budar said the situation had angered him. "I've been living here for almost two decades, and counting. I got my U.S. citizenship while here, but that doesn't mean that people can't speak other languages that are not English," the store manager said.

NBC News reported the news of the uploads was first highlighted Sunday by a website called Latino Rebels. Facebook user Dleon said online the videos were recorded by her daughter.

"My poor baby was frightened but cannot believe this continues to happen. We should be united as a country but there is much hate. We are all human trying to help each other out. I will pray for this woman to be a better person, but you can only educate the ignorant," she wrote. The post was shared 11,000 times.

Last year, footage of a white man threatening to call immigration authorities on employees who were speaking Spanish inside a New York restaurant also went viral. "It's America," the man was heard shouting in the video. He was later identified as Aaron Schlossberg, a lawyer.