'Westworld' Season 3: Who Is Inside Charlotte Hale? All the Big Clues

Westworld Season 3, Episode 3, titled "The Absence of Field," dove into one of the biggest mysteries raised by the Season 2 finale. In that episode, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) fled the park with another mystery host, who she implanted into a new version of Charlotte Hale's (Tessa Thompson) body. Though the HBO series is not ready to reveal exactly who is inside Hale's body, the most recent episode did offer some clues as to who might be inhabiting the ruthless Delos executive.

All the clues to who is inside Charlotte Hale's body on Westworld

Hale's son

As well as giving us some hints about Hale's new host identity, "The Absence of Field" also told us more about the former life of the character. In the episode, we learned of the existence of her former husband as well as her son Nathan.

However, one particular moment of this plot may have also given us some hints about who host Hale is. In one scene, we saw her crying while watching a video of human Hale singing to Nathan, saying it woke something up inside her. This is definitely hinting back to Westworld Season 1, when we saw Maeve (Thandie Newton) getting emotional watching a video of herself playing with her daughter.

Could this mean that the host inside Hale is actually Maeve? The episode gave no more hints in that direction, but it would be very typical of Westworld to answer the question of who is inside Charlotte by asking the question of who is inside Maeve.

who is inside charlotte hale westworld
Tessa Thompson as Charlotte Hale in 'Westworld' HBO

"Who knows you better than me?"

This phrase was something that the host Hale said to Dolores in one of the episode's biggest clues—but also one of its most vague.

After all, there are a handful of characters who have a claim to knowing Dolores better than anyone else in various ways, with Teddy (James Marsden) and the young Man in Black (Jimmi Simpson) among the candidates.

The host could also be someone who viewers have never seen before, but who was close to Dolores at some point in the park's past.

Another possibility is that Dolores has somehow found a way to double her own consciousness.

Again, this would be a very Westworld revelation, and would make some kind of twisted sense—Dolores knows that her mission in Season 3 is very dangerous, so if it was possible to make a spare version of herself, that would give her double the opportunities to complete it.

Tessa Thompson's interview with Deadline

Speaking to Deadline about the latest episode of the HBO show, Tessa Thompson had some cryptic hints to offer Westworld fans, including one that might suggest that the host inside Hale is a new character or a very different version of an existing character.

The Creed actor said: "When we begin the episode with her, she's a new being that has no idea of what they are. Whether or not it's a consciousness that the audience has seen before, an old character that we're familiar with or a new one, I will say that over the course of this season this new being becomes something none of us has seen before. But it's yet a mystery, at least in episode 3, who this being is."

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