We've Been Eating McDonald's Big Macs Wrong This Entire Time, Chef Says

An Australian chef with a penchant for McDonald's has divided fans of the Golden Arches with his latest controversial menu hack.

Jonny Massaad, 22, has revealed to followers on TikTok an interesting new way of enjoying the fast food restaurant's signature burger, the Big Mac.

In a video posted to his cake_mail account, the popular foodie, who runs a bakery business, claims you can improve the McDonald's classic by discarding the burger's top bun and simply flipping the middle bun over so that the two beef patties are facing one another.

As Massaad explains, this change means: "Your meat and sauce ratio is a lot better because this bun (the one removed) has no sauce."

The resulting creation certainly makes for a meatier experience with a few less carbs to boot, but many fans remained unconvinced or unsure about messing with the tried-and-tested formula.

Annahaber2435 commented: "I'm paying for 3 buns I'm gonna eat 3 buns."

Bkfisho agreed: "Sorry but I'm not going to Maccas and open up my Big Mac then throw away a single bun because you told me too...A Big Mac is perfect the way it is."

The harshest response came from ozyond, who told Massaad to "just stick to your donuts or cakes or whatever it is you do."

Despite this criticism, there were plenty of McDonald's fans who appreciated his efforts.

Endoftheworld44 wrote: "You deserve a Nobel Prize for this new research."

User8675641239255 concurred: "I will try it bro I think you are on to something. Good invention."

Newuser46545775 tagged a friend, telling her "you see I'm not the only one that does this."

She wasn't alone either with Bronwynshort commenting: "that's how I've always eaten my Big Macs."

User4892431665898 went further, declaring: "I've been doing that for over 30 years."

Massaad's video, which you can watch here, has been viewed over 300,000 times on TikTok since it was posted.

This isn't the first time the chef and baker has courted controversy when it comes to his McDonald's creations on social media.

Earlier in August, he showcased another of his menu mash-ups on Instagram, in which he combined three chicken McNuggets in the empty casing of an apple pie from the Golden Arches and some sweet and sour sauce.

According to Massaad, this combination represents "the best way to eat your chicken nuggets."

"It's so crunchy, please try it" he explained to fans in a video posted to his Cake Mail account.

Once again, fans appeared divided on the concept.

Newsweek has reached out to Massaad for further comment.

A McDonald's Big Mac.
A McDonald's Big Mac—forget everything you thought you knew about the signature fast food favorite. S3studio/Getty