What Is the 'In 2022' Challenge? Lizzo and 7 Others Reveal Their Hilarious Predictions

The latest viral trends can start out with someone editing a sound, creating a new dance to a song, or even using a certain filter. Since it's the beginning of a new year, there is a new challenge that is circulating all over the social media app TikTok. The 'In 2022' challenge uses a filter that randomly reveals an outcome of something you should do in the new year and the answers are simultaneously random and hilarious.


Lizzo at the 63rd Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, CA Getty Images North America/Kevin Mazur

With over 20 million followers, Lizzo is no stranger to what's trending. On TikTok, she's posted hundreds of clips since joining. The "Truth Hurts" singer gave the 'In 2022' challenge two tries. "In 2022 I Should...start that side hustle," the first prediction stated. The following day, the talented flutist learned she will "become rich." She captioned her video "Ima start my side hustle and get rich b***h."

Fans swarmed the post. "lizzo whatever that side hustle is, let me join in, okay?" user @ijustwannabehappylmao wrote.

"wow, my 2022 note said i would help you market your new side hustle. crazy huh," Henley Anna added.

Noah Beck, Charli Damelio, and Dixie Damelio

Tiktok introduced the masses to once-unknown creators and made them celebrities in their own right. Noah Beck and the Damelio family have become just that. While on vacation with the Damelios and friends, Beck shared a video of their 2022 predictions. Some answers included getting a new dog, getting married, and becoming famous. The clip has already gained 11.5 million views.

Bretman Rock

Along with having millions of followers on social media platforms, Bretman Rock is also popular on YouTube with over 8 million subscribers. In Rock's 'In 2022' video, he shared his disappointment after his prediction stated he will find true love, "I would like to stay in my single era," he said.

Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart at the SAG-AFTRA Foundation Conversation for the movie 'Hustlers' in 2019 Roy Rochlin / Stringer/Getty Images Entertainmemt

star, Lili Reinhart's first attempt at the challenge revealed nothing more than you will be "hungry" in 2022. The star agreed with the statement and added "sounds about right," with food emojis. In a second video, Reinhart will apparently "eat more vegetables," making for a food-focused new year.

Miranda Sings

YouTuber Miranda Sings — a funny character portrayed by Colleen Ballinger — shared a humorous video of herself looking for a prediction. The comedian appeared confused as it stated she should start her own "bussiness," which was spelled incorrectly. Sings read it as "bussy-ness," and the fans weighed in.

"The fact that it's actually spelled 'bussines' on the filter," @RYAN wrote with two cry-laughing emojis.

"Colleen, how many times did you film this until it landed on that one gasgshssjsj," @Eli joked.

JoJo Siwa

Jojo Siwa attends the 47th annual People's Choice Awards on December 7th, 2021 Amy Sussman/Getty Images Entertainmemt

Dancing With The Stars alum, Jojo Siwa shared what she is going to be doing: living her best life. In her video, which has 4.3 million views — and in her caption which read "I am," — she agreed with the statement, and so did many of her longtime fans.

"Jojo you are an absolute queen," @Ace wrote. @Claire chimed in to echo the sentiment saying, "The first one of these that is actually accurate."