What Happened to Nathan Henry on 'The Challenge'? TV Star Talks Shock Exit

Nathan Henry has opened up about his early exit from The Challenge: World Championship following his departure from the series in the very first episode.

The reality television star, 32, who has featured on the U.K.'s version of The Challenge and Geordie Shore, joined the cast of the Paramount+ competition series alongside big names from The Challenge franchise like Theo Campbell, Kaycee Campbell, and Nelson Thomas.

The Challenge: World Championship sees "legends" from past seasons of The Challenge join forces with global "MVPs", like Henry, from various editions of the show from across the world.

Each global MVP is paired with a Challenge Legend to form teams, with the Legends helping the MVPs win power and avoid elimination in order to make it to the most difficult challenge of them all—the brutal finale, where they will fight for the grand prize of $500,000.

Nathan Henry on The Challenge
Nathan Henry, pictured in episode one of 'The Challenge: World Championship'. The reality TV star has spoken out about his early exit from the Paramount+ series. Paramount+/James Dimmock

The first two episodes of The Challenge: World Championship were released on Paramount+ on March 8 but before the end of the premiere part, it was revealed that Henry had left the competition.

Newsweek has everything you need to know about Henry's early exit from The Challenge: World Championship and what he's said about the show since.

What Happened to Nathan Henry on The Challenge: World Championship?

Henry was seen participating in the very first task on The Challenge: World Championship, which saw the MVP players testing their strength in a series of physical challenges and mental puzzles.

During the episode, filmed in Cape Town, South Africa, the Legend players watched and cheered on the MVPs as they downed two glasses of a mystery smoothie and moved a weighted tire down a runway with a sledgehammer.

They then had to roll their way down a track on a concrete cylinder—without touching the ground—before attempting a puzzle that required them to arrange weighted objects from lightest to heaviest to reveal a code to move on.

The final checkpoint saw players transport a weighted flagpole from one end of the field to another, and raise their flag to finish.

Nathan Henry on The Challenge
Nathan Henry, pictured in his cast photo for 'The Challenge: World Championship', joined the cast of the competition series after his appearance on the U.K. version. He had to leave during the first episode for medical reasons. Paramount+/Jonnie Roriz

After the first challenge, the cast was seen returning to the house where they got to know their co-stars and strategized about the game ahead.

Towards the end of the episode, all of the contestants headed to the elimination where it was revealed that Henry had been "medically separated" from the game. No further details were given.

His departure meant that his co-star, and fellow The Challenge UK alum, Tristan Phipps was safe from potential elimination and through to the next episode.

What Has Nathan Henry Said About Leaving The Challenge: World Championship?

Speaking after the release of the first two episodes, Henry revealed how he was "gutted" to have to leave The Challenge: World Championship.

"I was absolutely gutted because I was there to win, especially knowing that [there] was half a million pounds prize fund. And I was ready to play the game," he told Newsweek.

"I'd already made so many friends in the house on the first two days that I was there, I'd already started creating alliances from the get-go, so I feel like I would have definitely been a strong contender but unfortunately it wasn't meant to be!" Henry said.

Nathan Henry
Nathan Henry pictured at the Launch of Paramount+ UK at Outernet London on June 20, 2022, in London, England. The star has told Newsweek that he would "100%" do another season of 'The Challenge' in the future. WireImage/Mike Marsland

Despite his and his fans' disappointment over his early departure, Henry has teased a return to The Challenge franchise, saying he would "absolutely love to return in the future" and that the team behind the show is aware of his desire to be back.

"You never know, you might be seeing me on another challenge in the future," the star said, adding that he "loves" the show.

"I love what it is, how it brings out your competitive side, how it brings out the best and the worst in people. I think it's probably one of the ultimate reality TV shows so I would 100% return," Henry said.

The Challenge: World Championship episodes are released on Wednesdays on Paramount+.