What Happened to Valkyrie in 'Avengers: Infinity War'?

Avengers: Infinity War brought together a ton of heroes from all the Marvel Studios movies but one popular character from the latest Thor film was noticeably absent.

Valkyrie, played by Tessa Thompson, made her MCU debut in Thor: Ragnarok and was last seen with the Odinson and those who fled Asgard during the final battle against Hela.

SPOILERS! The following will spoil some of the events of Avengers: Infinity War. If you haven't seen the film, you may want to turn back.

Thor: Ragnarok ends with the Asgardian survivors heading toward Earth when they are approached by a large ship. When Infinity War starts, moviegoers see Thanos and his Black Order inside Thor's ship with bodies of slain Asgardians littered everywhere. Heimdall, Loki, Hulk and Thor are present on the ship, but Valkyrie isn't. Is she among the slain Asgardians on the ship? Or is she somewhere else?

During Infinity War, Thor mentions to the Guardians of the Galaxy that half of the Asgardians on the ship escaped Thanos, so his people weren't completely slaughtered. It's more likely that Valkyrie (along with Korg) were given the job of overseeing the escape of these people.

Infinity War co-director, Joe Russo, paid a visit to the University of Iowa where he attended and took questions from students. In the Q&A, Russo was asked about Valkyrie and the director confirmed she escaped with a portion of Asgardians on escape pods.

Where the ship full of Asgardians went is unknown. They were originally headed to Earth, so the ship could be on its way there or to another planet away from Thanos and his army. With Avengers 4 coming soon, Valkyrie's whereabouts—as well as the rest of the Asgardians—will likely be revealed.

Tessa Thompson took to Twitter over Infinity War's opening weekend to have a little fun with fans asking where she was during the movie.

me in Infinity Wars. pic.twitter.com/g7fAjUcm95

— Tessa Thompson (@TessaThompson_x) April 30, 2018

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