'What If...?' Timeline: How It Fits Into the MCU

What If...? is an animated series and is the latest instalment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU.)

So far, the MCU has focused on the idea of a multiverse in recent episodes of other shows, such as WandaVision and Loki.

However, the latest movie from the MCU, Black Widow, took us back into an earlier point in the timeline as it considered what happened to Natasha Romanoff (played by Scarlett Johansson) between Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War.

But from the looks of What If...? it will delve even further back, reliving some iconic moments of the film series so far.

How What If...? Fits Into The MCU Timeline

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This question is an interesting one, as the events of the show have multiple timelines.

However, technically it follows on from the events of the Disney+ series Loki.

Executive producer Brad Winderbaum answered this question at a press conference about the show, where he said: "It's no coincidence that the show picks up right after Loki...The multi-verse has erupted in every possible direction. What if...? gives us a chance to explore that."

As a result, the multiverse series begins straight after Loki, though the actual events depicted within the show come from various points in the timeline, or have not even happened at all.

In the What If...? comics, a number of alternative versions of Marvel stories are shown, sometimes with multiple options in one story.

For example, in the second volume of the comics, readers could pretty much chose their own endings out of various options provided.

Questions posed in these stories include "What If Iron Man Had Been A Traitor?" and "What If? Spider-Man vs. Wolverine" and some of the What If...? stories have already been made into movies and series.

The "House of M" storyline, for example, showed Scarlet Witch having a mental breakdown, during which time she created a whole new version of reality in which she had children.

This is much of the storyline of WandaVision, though some changes were made.

Similarly, the story of Captain America: Civil War is also taken from a What If...? comic book, showing how these stories have already made their mark on the franchise.

For the What If...? series, little has been shared on the detail except for the inclusion of many of our favorite characters, from Black Panther to Thor and Captain Marvel.

From what has been seen, the series could go right back to the 1930s, as the trailer suggested one story may show what could have happened if Peggy Carter became Captain America instead.

Another suggested an entirely different set of Avengers taking on the Battle of New York in 2012, led by a new Star Lord who is, in fact, King T'Challa, teaming up with Ant-Man.

A third suggested Tony Stark was saved by Killmonger instead of being taken by terrorists, meaning Iron Man could look incredibly different.

All of these versions of events are looked over by The Watcher, voiced by Jeffrey Wright, who says he will not interfere with the events of the various timelines.

However, given the carnage potentially created by Loki's efforts in his Disney+ show, it may be The Watcher will be required to bring some things into order.

What If...? starts streaming on Disney+ on August 11.