'Wheel of Fortune' Contestants Send Internet into Meltdown over Puzzle Fail

Wheel of Fortune viewers have reacted with shock and bemusement to a clip from a recent episode showing two contestants repeatedly failing to solve a seemingly simple puzzle.

With just four blank squares left on the board which read: "ANOTHER FEATHER _N YO_R _A_." The answer to conundrum featured in the viral video appeared straightforward enough to most casual viewers as "another feather in your cap."

Yet, when it came time for a contestant by the name of Laura to complete the phrase, she instead guessed: "Another feather in your hat."

Her answer was greeted with the incorrect buzzer, with host Pat Sajak then turning to contestant Christopher to spin the wheel.

After adding $650 to his prize fund, iChristopher attempted an answer. But in a baffling move, rather than try to attempt completing the full phrase, he instead guessed that the puzzle includes the letter "G." It did not.

Things then moved on to Thomas—the only contestant to come out of the clip with any credit— but he never got a chance to answer after his spin of the wheel left him bankrupt.

It then came back around to Laura, who was presented with a golden opportunity to correct the mistake of her previous guess. She did not, instead suggesting the answer was "another feather in your lap."

Evidently eager to inject a little humor into the ongoing debacle, Sajak quipped in response: "Oh the feather is moving around" much to the amusement of those watching in the audience.

Then it was Christopher's guess again. Except he was evidently still unsure as to what the phrase on the board might be and, after earning another $900 on his spin of the wheel, instead opted to ask whether it contained the letter "D." It did not.

Thomas stepped up next but once again did not get a chance to answer the puzzle after his spin landed him on the segment marked "lose a turn."

It was then back to Laura for a third time. Evidently less certain of her convictions than previously, she opted to spin the wheel, earning $700 and the right to guess another letter. She opted for "P" in a move that should have edged her closer to completing the phrase. It did not.

Instead she offered up the guess: "Another feather in your map" which was duly greeted with the sound of the incorrect buzzer once again.

Any hope Christopher may have had of completing the puzzle soon went up in smoke too after he span himself onto the dreaded "bankrupt" segment of the wheel.

That left Thomas to finally have a turn. Having lost all his money earlier in the round he, perhaps understandably, opts to spin, before guessing the puzzle includes a "C" and finally completing the phrase.

The video, which encompasses six failed attempts in total, has been viewed over 4 million times on Twitter, with users left stunned at the contestants' inability to provide the correct answer.

Detroit journalist Philip Lewis was among those to share the clip, commenting: "I have never wanted to scream this loudly in my life."

Another social media user, posting as Neil Nawaz, wrote: "America is doomed" while Incwell was left in utter disbelief, commenting: "This can't be real."

J.W. Clementine said: "I've watched a lot of Wheel and this is one of the most insane clips I've ever seen" while Kurt Luschkowski called it "Legitimately, one of the most difficult videos I've ever forced myself to watch all the way."

Josh Lagle branded the footage "agonizing" while another user posting as sublime360 described it as "the funniest thing I've seen in a long time!"

A small contingent stuck up for the contestants though with theycallmekg2 writing: "I've never heard this phrase a day in my life what kinda people yall be hanging with????"

Newsweek has contacted the Wheel of Fortune press office for comment.

The blunder comes just a few months after a man in the U.K. earned himself viral notoriety after answering a question about the epic Greek poem Odyssey by Homer with a reference to Homer Simpson's love of donuts on The Simpsons.

Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune.
Vanna White at a taping of the Wheel of Fortune's 35th Anniversary Season in 2017 in Orlando, Florida - a clip showcasing a set of contestants' repeated attempts at solving a seemingly simply puzzle has gone viral. Gerardo Mora/Getty