Pat Sajak Denies 'Wheel of Fortune' Is Fixed As Third Contestant Wins $100K

Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak denied speculation that the show is fixed on Wednesday—hours before a third consecutive contestant won the $100,000 grand prize in the Bonus Round.

The ABC show made history on Tuesday, when Mark Baer took home the coveted cash prize—one day after Lisa Kramer was seen achieving the same feat. It marked the first time in the show's history that back-to-back winners had scooped the big money prize.

Hours before Bree Yokouchi of Portland, Oregon, would make it a treble, Sajak addressed the "conspiracy theorists" who have accused the show of game fixing.

The host wrote on Twitter: "A quick reminder to conspiracy theorists: thanks to the quiz show scandals of the 1950s, fixing a TV game show is a federal crime. I really like our players, and I'd like them all to win, but I draw the line at serving prison time."

Sajak's message prompted a response from former Wheel of Fortune champ Robert Santoli, who shared a suggestion for the veteran TV personality and his co-host, Vanna White.

"I know it's time consuming but one day you and Vanna should open up all the envelopes to prove there's just one $100K/Million," Santoli tweeted. "I also sometimes see your card that marks the $100K spot in red, so you know where it is before they even spin!"

Shutting down the proposal, Sajak said: "Anyone silly enough to believe in things like that cannot be convinced of anything. It would be a total waste of time. I love how one day we're 'robbing' players of their winnings and then we're 'allowing' them to win. Some folks just have a conspiratorial nature. Best to ignore."

Sajak's comment about "robbing" contestants appeared to be in reference to the uproar over Charlene Rubush missing out on winning an Audi in the Bonus Round in December, despite correctly guessing the answer.

It was explained at the time that, per the show's rules, Rubush missed out because she paused between the words in the answer, instead of saying it as a fluent sentence. Audi USA subsequently gifted her a $40,000 Audi Q3 in January.

On Wednesday's show, Yokouchi, originally from Maui, was seen earning her way to the bonus round, prompting Sajak to ask: "Can we do $100,000 three nights in a row? Seems impossible."

"After the last two nights, we had to send out for an emergency shipment from Confetti-R-Us in order to fill that," Sajak joked. "So we're back, we're reloaded, that $100,000 is back out there."

Facing the category "Phrase," Yokouchi was quick and concise in correctly guessing that the answer she was looking for was: "Just You Wait."

"Who's going to book my trip to Vegas?" Sajak quipped as he opened the envelope to reveal the prize, before joking as he walked off the set: "I'm out of here. That's it, I'm through!"

Returning to the set, Sajak told the celebrating contestant: "You know, it's not just landing on that. That's amazing enough. But that was a heck of a solve."

He added: "Going for four tomorrow!"

In a post-show chat with his daughter, Maggie Sajak, who is Wheel of Fortune's social correspondent, Sajak said that he was "stunned" by the odds-shattering wins.

When asked if he thought it could happen again, the TV personality replied: "You mean four in a row, Maggie? That would be ridiculous. That would be virtually impossible."

"You mean like three in a row was virtually impossible?" Maggie Sajak asked, prompting her dad to respond: "I see what you mean."

Referencing the week's big-budget handouts, Pat Sajak tweeted on Wednesday evening: " we have to cut down on game-day catering."

"Wheel of Fortune" host Pat Sajak
"Wheel of Fortune" host Pat Sajak (L) shot down speculation that the show is fix on Wednesday—hours before contestant Bree Yokouchi (R) was seen becoming the third consecutive contestant to win the $100,000 grand prize in the Bonus Round. Wheel of Fortune/Twitter

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