When Is 'Catfish' Coming Back? MTV's Hit Reality Show Confirms Release Date and Gives Sneak Peek Into Upcoming Season

MTV's hit reality show Catfish is finally coming back with many more online dating blunders. The mid-season finale aired in January and fans have been long awaiting the return of Nev Schulman and his investigative antics. Catfish returns to MTV on June 12 at 8 p.m. ET.

Airing its first episode eight years ago, the reality show aims to unmask those hiding behind a computer screen. However, since the first episode premiered, Schulman revealed in January that the show has taken on a much more therapeutic tone than expected.

"At the heart of the show, in many ways, there are some core issues that we see over and over again," Schulman told Newsweek in January. "Everything from body image issues, to social anxieties, and in many cases, mental health and wellbeing issues."

Not only has the overall meaning of the show changed over its course, but the hosting duo has also experienced a transformation of its own. For the majority of Catfish's existence, it was Schulman and his co-host Max Joseph, but since Joseph's departure from the show in August of last year, Catfish has had quite the identity change.

It has not been confirmed whether Catfish will decide on a permanent co-host or continue down the path of guest co-hosts but, for now, Schulman is pleased with where the show is headed.

"There is a sense of freshness when new people come onto the show to co-host," Schulman said. "Max and I had fallen into a track, if you will, of what each other do best in each episode, we knew our roles very quickly but with new people, there's no saying in when my specific skill set will be needed or not."

"Moving forward, I think the show looks great. The themes of the show are still very much needed, people come for the mystery but stay for the conversation," Schulman said.

Starting last year, Schulman began to rotate a new co-host every episode and fans seemed to be onboard–even taking to social media to vote for their favorite.

Schulman and the Catfish team are continuing the co-host rotation this time around and will include some returning faces. Confirmed co-hosts for the next set of episodes are Kamie Crawford (TV personality), Tallulah Willis (The Whole Ten Yards), Slick Woods (model), Elle King (musician), Kimiko Glenn (Orange is the New Black, Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse), Laura Perlongo (writer, Schulman's wife) and Justin Combs (athlete).

"This next chunk of episodes looks to have all female co-hosts which I'm really excited about. Obviously, we have a lot of women featured on the show and there's something nice about having a co-host who can relate in ways that I can't," Schulman said.