Chloe Dykstra's Supposed Breakup Texts With Chris Hardwick Revealed

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Chloe Dykstra (L) and Chris Hardwick are pictured at the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures' "Godzilla" at Dolby Theatre on May 8, 2014 in Hollywood, California. Text messages about their breakup were leaked after she indirectly accused him of sexual assault. Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Days after Chris Hardwick's show Talking with Chris Hardwick was removed from AMC, text messages ex-girlfriend Chloe Dykstra apparently sent him after their breakup were revealed by TMZ Tuesday.

Dykstra claimed she was sexually and emotionally abused by an ex-boyfriend, which led her to frequently contemplate suicide. She wrote about her experience on the Medium website titled Rose Colored Glasses, though she didn't name Hardwick. Still, people soon pointed the finger at the AMC host.

According to the texts shared by TMZ, Hardwick penned a lengthy breakup message to Dykstra on July 1, 2014, after he found out she moved on with a guy, only identified as Sam, while they were on a "break." They had dated for three years.

"It breaks my heart that things didn't work out but at the end of the day, I just didn't deserve what happened and I'm starting to really understand that now. What you and Sam did was—no hyperbole—the worst thing anyone has ever done to me," he wrote in part of the message. "I feel foolish that I actually had hope the last couple of weeks because of your texts and declarations of wanting to come back to me, but now I see that it was just a way for you to have an emotional safety net to feel ok what you were doing whenever Sam wasn't in the room with you."

According to the texts, whose authenticity were not verified by Dykstra, she wrote back immediately and begged Hardwick to talk. Months later, in January, Dykstra reached out again. "Hey. When can we be okay? Will that ever happen? We both handled this poorly. Possibly myself more so. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have texted you. I think I just got caught up in a wave," she said. "I hope things are awesome with you."

Dykstra didn't immediately verify if the texts shared by TMZ were real. Whether or not they are authentic, however, people who suffer from abuse often go back to their partner, as noted by CNN. When they wrote their story in 2009, Rihanna had famously reconciled with Chris Brown. Some Twitter users also noted that abuse victims also try to go back to their abuser.

"It's hard to believe Chloe would try for months to get back with him if she was being emotionally and sexually abused." Hard disagree from me! I once begged my abuser to stay because he convinced me he was the only one who'd love me. Just sayin'!

— Allie Goertz (@AllieGoertz) June 19, 2018

My ex published texts I sent too. This is really common in abusive relationships. If your partner has convinced you you're not lovable, it's easy to want to get back with them. Don't fall for this shit.

— Hana Michels (@HanaMichels) June 19, 2018

After his relationship with his ex, Hardwick went on to marry fashion model Lydia Hearst. They are expecting a baby together.

When Dykstra's accusation was published, Hardwick said he was heartbroken. "I'm devastated to read that she is now accusing me of conduct that did not occur," Hardwick, 46, told People Saturday. "I was blindsided by her post and always wanted the best for her. As a husband, a son, and future father, I do not condone any kind of mistreatment of women."

Newsweek reached out to Dykstra, but her rep said, "We have no comment."