Why Season 3 Is the Final Season of 'Who Killed Sara?'

Who Killed Sara? Season 3 has now been released onto Netflix—and will be the final set of episodes for the Spanish-language show.

Netflix released the first set of episodes for ¿Quién mató a Sara? in March 2021, and the show was such a hit that they released Season 2 just two months later. Season 3 now comes to bring the story to an end a year later.

When the Who Killed Sara? Season 3 trailer was released, it was announced that it would be the final season of the show. This is despite the show being named the eighth most watched show on the streamer in 2021.

Here's why the Netflix show is coming to an end this May.

Why Is 'Who Killed Sara?' Ending?

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Promo image for "Who Killed Sara?" The show is ending after three seasons. Netflix

There are two main seasons for the show coming to an end when it is. The first is plot-driven, and the second is a wider Netflix trend.

A show like Who Killed Sara? that is based on one central question can only go so long without answering that question. Wait too long, and you risk the audience becoming impatient and/or the writers tying themselves in knots trying to introduce twist after twist to hide the answer.

So it is with ¿Quién mató a Sara? The first two seasons burned through plot and suspects as Alex (Manolo Cardona) investigates his sister's murder, in a way that suggests the plan was not to have the show run and run.

Season 3 widens the investigation even more by introducing a sinister company that appears to be kidnapping people and performing sinister medical experiments on them. Either this is one last red herring (no spoilers here), or the show has introduced the final piece that will explain who killed Sara.

We also cannot discount that only the biggest Netflix shows go past three seasons. Netflix execs have said in interviews that after this point, series bring in far fewer subscribers—and as Netflix's recent misfortunes have shown, growing subscriber numbers is crucial to their business.

Only the true Netflix breakthrough hits (the ones that get the most publicity) make it past Season 3. Examples include Stranger Things, The Crown and Bridgerton. Non-English language series have an even harder job going past Season 3. Of Netflix's current non-English programming line-up, only Elite has made it past that point.

Generally, it is the first shows in a given language that last the longest. So it has proved with Spanish content. The first Spanish-language Netflix original was Club de Cuervos, which ran for four seasons, while the fourth Spanish show Cable Girls made it to five.

Those three shows (Elite, Club de Cuervos and Cable Girls), however, are the only Spanish Netflix original dramas to make it to Season 4 or beyond. Even Season 3 is a high watermark for Netflix Spanish content—only Who Killed Sara?, The House of Flowers and High Seas have got there so far, with Valeria, Control Z, Daughter from Another Mother and Sky Rojo all renewed for Season 3s that have not aired yet.

Even Money Heist, perhaps the biggest Spanish-language hit Netflix has had yet, only made it to Season 3 (though episodes were split into five parts)—and Netflix was only responsible for the final two seasons after taking it over from Antena 3.

While viewers will not know who killed Sara until the end of the series, it seems it was the realities of the streaming model that killed Who Killed Sara?

Who Killed Sara? / ¿Quién mató a Sara? Seasons 1 to 3 are streaming now on Netflix.