Why Ghislaine Maxwell Is Unlikely to Testify During Her Trial

Ghislaine Maxwell is "unlikely to testify" at her Jeffrey Epstein-related sex trafficking trial because she is "too fragile," a family spokesperson said.

The British socialite is accused of grooming minors for her former lover to abuse. She has pleaded not guilty.

Among government witnesses, one alleged victim, Annie Farmer, said Maxwell groped her during a massage when she was 16 years old.

The prosecution is now over and the defense case due to begin. However, Maxwell herself is unlikely to take the stand.

A family spokesperson told The Daily Telegraph: "Ghislaine Maxwell is unlikely to testify at her own trial over serious worries she is too fragile and will not be able to acquit herself properly."

While Maxwell may not testify, the defense is expected to call 35 witnesses.

Court filings suggested they are hoping to present an expert to testify about false memories as they apply pressure to the testimony of the government's four alleged victims.

Maxwell's lawyer, Bobbi Sternheim, said in her opening speech that the case would be about three M's: "Memory, manipulation and money."

Quoted by Sky News, she said: "Yes, Jeffrey Epstein manipulated the world around him and the people around him, including Ghislaine."

She added: "Ghislaine Maxwell is on trial as a scapegoat for Epstein."

The attorney also accused the alleged victims of receiving multimillion-dollar payments from Epstein's estate.

Expert jury consultant Dr. Jill Huntley Taylor, of Taylor Trial Consulting, told Newsweek the defense was operating a high-stakes strategy.

She said: "I think the strategy is a risky one for the defense, to go after the victim, especially when there's more than one and challenge there memories is I think a risk.

"Especially in the era of MeToo and especially with four different victims coming to testify. It's easier to think that one person is lying or misremembering. The more you have the more difficult it is to believe they're all lying.

"I also think the defense approach that they're motivated after Jeffrey Epstein died and the victim fund became available is interesting because testifying in this case against Ghislaine Maxwell is unrelated to that it seems to me."

The case has already seen the names of high profile men, including Prince Andrew, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, mentioned by witnesses. All three deny involvement in Epstein's crimes.

And a picture of Maxwell and Epstein relaxing at Queen Elizabeth II's log cabin at her Balmoral Estate in Scotland was shown to jurors.

Andrew, a friend of Maxwell's, is himself being sued on allegations of rape in the civil courts by an Epstein accuser, Virginia Giuffre.

He is attempting to get the case thrown out, with a hearing expected in New York in January.

Ghislaine Maxwell in New York City
Ghislaine Maxwell, attends the ETM 2014 Children's Benefit Gala at Capitale, in New York City, on May 6, 2014. She is on trial accused of Jeffrey Epstein-related sex trafficking. Paul Zimmerman/WireImage