Why Is Kevin James Trending? Fake 'Pornhub Year in Review' Map Raises Eyebrows

Kevin James, the popular actor from shows like The King of Queens and Kevin Can Wait, might not be considered someone who is likely to trend on PornHub. However, a map that has surfaced on Twitter suggests that one U.S. state rates the actor very highly on the site.

The map, which is fake and was created by a Twitter user, relates to PornHub's year-in-review data, which the site shares annually to reveal what users are searching for.

On the map, it suggests the top search trend for Tennessee is Kevin James, which left some local residents rather surprised.

Who Is Kevin James and Why Is He Trending on Twitter?

Kevin James is a famous actor who began his career as the star of CBS comedy The King of Queens for almost 10 years.

He moved on to larger projects, acting opposite Will Smith in the movie Hitch in 2005. He also starred in Paul Blart: Mall Cop in 2009 and as the voice of Frank in the first three Hotel Transylvania movies.

James is set to lead the cast in a new Netflix TV series called The Crew, which is about workers in a NASCAR garage.

However, his acting credentials aren't what has seen him trending wildly on Twitter. That is all down to the fake PornHub map.

The map, which first surfaced online in 2019, went viral for suggesting it was based on stats as part of a PornHub year in review.

On the map, the top preference for Tennessee is listed as Kevin James, while "MILF" and "Goth hospital" also appear.

Many social media users are surprised by James' appearance, while the maker of the map has been revelling in the excitement his work has inspired.

watching 10 ppl at once going viral with my map that originally got 200 likes can 2020 get any worse

— perpetual meh (@SortaBad) April 11, 2020

Every few months my fake Pornhub map featuring Kevin James and Goth Hospital goes mega viral and it reminds me that the original tweet got like 350 likes lol https://t.co/mflVpmOXUq

— perpetual meh (@SortaBad) October 13, 2021

Some users took a satirical swipe at the idea of James being a high-ranking search term on Pornhub. Many of their memes, unsurprisingly, came from The King of Queens.

Guessing the whole Kevin James Tennessee PornHub thing started from this episode! 🤔🙃 pic.twitter.com/fDgpjQdC1Y

— Jason Lohre (@JasonLohre) October 14, 2021

Tennessee got a thang for Kevin James! 😂😂😂😂😂😂 #kevinjames #tennesee pic.twitter.com/OqNJkfndfG

— UkeepWhatUKill1776 (@UkeepK) October 13, 2021


— eric (@slimthicceric) October 14, 2021

Montana has the decency to have a librarian fetish but what the hell is wrong with Tennessee and their Kevin James obsession… pic.twitter.com/BzBbsqB5tH

— teatime75 (@teatime75) October 13, 2021

As mentioned by the creator, this isn't a real PornHub map and the statistics have been created purely for entertainment purposes.

Newsweek has contacted PornHub and representatives of James for comment.

What Is the PornHub Year in Review?

Every year, PornHub releases statistics to explain the search terms on its site and to show the most popular things that people are looking for.

The year in review data was first shared in 2012, and it has become widely watched. The data wasn't shared in 2020.

In 2019, "amateur," "alien" and "POV" were the top three searches on the site, while "mature," "bisexual" and "ASMR" also appeared in the top 10.

As for celebrity searches, James didn't make the top 30, with Belle Delphine and Kim Kardashian topping the list.

Kylie Jenner, Margot Robbie and Gal Gadot were also among the top 30 celebrity searches on the site in 2019.

Kevin James Pornhub main
Actor Kevin James has appeared as a search trend on a fake Pornhub year in review map. Getty Images