Adorable Video of Wiener Dog Having Bath Divides Internet—'Not in My Kitchen Sink!'

A dachshund called Winnie has sparked a major divide among dog lovers online.

Footage of the adorable wiener dog enjoying a wash in the kitchen sink was uploaded to TikTok on Wednesday. It has already amassed over 10 million views online. However, the sight of the young pup enjoying a soak in the sink has sparked hygiene concerns among some pet owners.

Dogs may be warm and cuddly but they should always be handled with care. Dr. Wesley Long, director of diagnostic microbiology at Houston Methodist, said: "Most of the everyday illnesses we're used to hearing about don't cross back and forth between dogs and humans, but there are some diseases our dogs can spread to us."

Long says the three main ways a dog owner can get sick as a result of contact with their pet pooch is via their saliva, their feces or ticks and fleas.

Fecal transmission is a particular concern in this context and can lead to several issues that include gastrointestinal bugs, parasitic diseases and drug-resistant bacteria that can prove difficult to treat.

Perhaps that's what prompted so many to speak out when Winnie the wiener dog's owners decided to share a video online of the dachshund having a wash in their kitchen sink. The video can be viewed here.


Anyone elses dog love bath tine this much?🤔

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Posted to the account winnieduhweinerdog, the video prompted plenty of positive reactions from those enamored with the sight of the tiny dog enjoying a bath. Many of these, however, were tempered by the fact they chose to do it in a kitchen sink with pots, pans and other dishes still in it.

"Cute but not where I wash my food," ChiefDog117 wrote. Ayiza Boo was in agreement, writing: "So cute, but I can't deal with the dishes still in the sink." Another user, posting as .joeschmoe_ commented: "never eat at strangers homes," with posting: "Not in my kitchen sink!"

Some sought to defend the dog owners though, insisting the reaction was over the top. "I'm sorry, have y'all in the comments ever heard of soap?" Maeve Forti asked. "Pretty sure whatever dirt is on the dog can be cleaned off the sink but okkkk." Rhburran added: "Y'all were never washed in the sink as a baby? If so nine times out of 10 your mom wouldn't care if there were dishes in the other side, it's a sink."

Others expressed frustration that something so sweet had been hijacked by overly concerned pet owners. "Some of y'all need to log off," Valerie Ansuso commented with Porcelain Doll lamenting: "Leave it to TikTok to ruin a cute video."

Newsweek has contacted winnieduhweinerdog for comment.

Back in September 2021, a dog went viral on social media after their owner discovered them enjoying a dip in their hot tub in the middle of the night.

Elsewhere, footage of a dachshund cooling off with a dip in a paddling pool proved similarly popular with dog lovers online.

A wiener dog washing in a sink.
A wiener dog washing in a sink. An adorable dachshund is melting hearts with his bathing routine. mykeyruna/Getty